The Top Things to do in Broome

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Looking for things to do in Broome, WA? The launching point for many an incredible Kimberley adventure, paying a visit this escapist Western Australian destination is a must on any Australian travel "bucket list". Consistently voted amongst the most aspirational destinations in the country during our annual public polls, Broome is everything an exercise in escape from urban life should be, and its tours and activities reflect that adventurous aspect in full.

Travellers to Broome can hop on a Broome Sightseeing Tour and learn about the unique and historic highlights the isolated town has to offer, and perhaps cap things off with an iconic camel ride at sunset on gorgeous Cable Beach. Take a trip out to the tip of the Dampier Peninsula and visit the Cape Leveque Lighthouse for the fabulous coastal and cliff views. Cape Leveque is a popular spot to fish, swim and snorkel or just sit back and relax. Simply choose from the available Broome tours, attractions and activities, and launch your ideal Western Australian adventure today!

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Top 10 Things to do in - Broome and surrounds

Cable Beach Sunset
Horizontal Falls
Sunset Camel Ride
The Sun Pictures Cinema
The Kimberley
Willie Creek Pearl Farm
Broome Historical Museum
Scenic Flight
Broome Bird Observatory

1. Experience a sunset at Cable Beach


Stretching for a distance of over 22 kilometres and featuring wonderfully white sands and warm, crystal-clear waters, Cable Beach has long been the focal point of many a balmy tropical night for both locals and visitors alike. Unlike many other of the most famous beaches in Australia, Broome's location on the west coast gives its sunsets much more of a scarlet-orange glow, with the sun appearing as a bright red ball in the sky.

2. Visit the Horizontal Falls with Horizontal Falls Adventures

Location:Hangar 14, Gus Winckel Road, Broome

This majestic display of water's power and the effect of the tides is one of the most impressive natural phenomena in the area that simulates the visual effect of a waterfall as water is pushed between a relatively narrow gap in two gorges of the nearby McLarty Range. If you're looking to witness this spectacle firsthand, Horizontal Falls Adventures offers a range of tour options to enjoy the marvel of the falls both from the air via seaplane, or up close and personal with a thrilling jet boat adventure right through them!

3. Take a sunset camel ride

Location:Cable Beach, Broome

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most, particularly when coupled with the famously beautiful sunsets of Broome's Cable Beach. Local operator Red Sun Camels provide visitors with the chance to take part in this distinctive part of Australian sightseeing and come highly recommended for a variety of reasons that help them to stand out from the competition.

4. Catch a film at the Sun Pictures Cinema

Location:27 Carnarvon St, Broome

Broome's long-standing Sun Pictures Cinema offers visitors the chance to take in a variety flicks out in the open air. As Australia's oldest outdoor picture theatre, having been in operation since 1916, there's a lot of history behind the venue, and it's living proof that the time-tested formula of combining quality entertainment with lovely outdoor surroundings makes for a winning experience.

5. Explore the Kimberley region

Location:20 Johnny Chi Ln, Broome

One of the biggest drawcards for many people visiting Broome is the various geographical lures of its surrounding Kimberley region, and its rugged beauty and diversity of natural features make it the ideal place for a range of different adventures in which to take part. Still largely untouched and a true embodiment of raw Australia at its finest, the Kimberley manages to blend gorges, towering rock formations, incredible sunsets and unique landscapes into one impressive sightseeing extravaganza.

6. Visit Willie Creek Pearl Farm

Location:Willie Creek Rd, Waterbank

The award-winning Willie Creek Pearl Farm, located in a beautiful spot on the coastline roughly 38 kilometres to the north of Broome, is an entertaining attraction with plenty of insight and attractive visuals making it an essential part of a visit to Broome. While you will learn about how these rare and beautiful gems are created during your time here, there's much more to the attraction as this attraction forms an experience that is both educational and scenic.

7. Explore Broome Historical Museum

Location: 67 Robinson St, Broome

You can find one of the most comprehensive visual displays of the region's past at the Broome Historical Museum. A living slice of history built in 1910 is a reminder of early building styles dating back to this time period and sets the scene appropriately for what is contained within. Situated near the Broome town beach, while the size of the Broome Museum is relatively small, the sheer quantity and uniqueness of many of the exhibits contained within offers plenty to keep you occupied.

8. Take a scenic flight with Kimberley Aviation

Location:Gus Winckel Road, Broome

Local operator, Kimberley Aviation, offers a range of air safaris that whisk guests away to see some of the region's key highlights. Utilising light aircraft ideal for this kind of exploratory tour and landings that don't require a full-sized airport, various regional landmarks such as the iconic Horizontal Waterfalls, vivid colours of Cape Leveque, and a variety of local islands.

9. Visit Broome Bird Observatory


The Kimberley region boasts over 300 species of birds as a whole, including an array of colourful parrots, cockatoos and galahs which can reach relatively large sizes for bird life. If you've got an interest in all things avian, be sure to pay a visit to the Broome Bird Observatory during your visit, as it's one of the best overall showcases of winged creatures not only in this region but Australia as a whole. Located on the shores of Roebuck Bay, the Broome Bird Observatory is dedicated to the conservation of its vast number of shorebirds – the largest of any location on the planet, with numbers approaching 150,000 annual avian visitors in total.

10. Go Kayaking with the Broome Adventure Company

Location:158 Reid Rd, Cable Beach

Getting out and enjoying this alternative viewpoint of Broome's surrounds is made both easy and fun on a tour with the Broome Adventure Company, who offer kayaking tours for travellers looking for a firsthand look at the renowned blend of bird and marine life that call this part of Australia home. Featuring dual kayaks that are designed for a combination of teamwork and stable paddling, this allows even first-timers to get out on the water and access some of the more remote beaches and bays of the greater Broome area.