Top Things to do in the Barossa Valley

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Looking for things to do in the Barossa Valley? You've come to the right place! It’s common knowledge that Aussies love a drink, and there are few better places in the country to indulge in a drop of the good stuff than South Australia’s Barossa Valley. While it will sometimes be grouped in with the likes of NSW’s Hunter Valley and Victoria’s Yarra Valley, the Barossa stands alone due to the sheer volume of wine it produces each year, its picturesque landscape, and its extraordinary culinary offerings.

If you’re the type of traveller who places a high premium on culinary enjoyment when on holiday, then there are few parts of Australia that can better satisfy your leanings than the Barossa. While it all starts with wine, the Barossa Valley offers far more than only liquid goodness – the region is home to numerous widely-praised restaurants that make use of its quality produce, and plenty of scenery upon which to feast the eyes as well as the palate. Simply choose from our range of available Barossa Valley experiences below to book an indulgent journey in SA online today.

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Top 10 Things to do in - Barossa Valley and surrounds

Hot Air Ballooning
Winery Tour
The Barossa Farmer's Markets
The Whispering Wall
Maggie Beer's Farm Shop
Segway Tour
Bike Hire
Kingsford Homestead
The Barossa Valley Sculpture Park

1. Visit the top wineries

Location:Various locations

The Barossa is densely populated with wineries both large and small, clocking in at over 150 in total in what is a relatively small and sparsely populated part of South Australia. While it’s responsible for the production of all the major types of wines – and you’ll find wineries that specialise in different types dotted throughout – the Barossa’s speciality has always been Shiraz; largely a result of the region’s warmer continental climate.

2. Go hot air ballooning

Location:Nuriootpa and Seppeltsfield

Hot air ballooning is one of the Barossa’s most popular non-wine-oriented activities, as the region’s characteristically clean air and calm skies are the perfect ballooning conditions. While it requires an early rise in order to participate, the idyllic panorama cast by the glow of the rising sun over the valley’s charming features justifies the sleepy eyes, and if conditions are right you may even take in sweeping views of the Murray River far below.

3. Take a winery tour

Location:Various locations

Aspiring visitors to the Barossa will be spoiled for choice in terms of options for both half and full day Barossa Valley tours, which range in scope from larger, coach-based tour options through to more boutique and personal, small-group options as well. Add in the potential for visiting different wineries and cellar doors, including trips to surrounding highlights such as the Adelaide Hills and Hahndorf, the Claire Valley, and those that include a long lunch, and you’ll be able to find a tour that best suits your personal inclinations.

4. Browse The Barossa Farmer's Markets

Location:Corner of Nuriootpa and Stockwell Roads, Angaston

If you’re visiting the Barossa Valley and after the ability to purchase a dizzying array of fresh, high-quality local produce – all of which comes with a blend of delicious aromas and friendly grins – be sure to pay a visit to the Barossa Farmers Market which takes place every Saturday. Many of the food options are cooked, baked and otherwise prepared with health in mind; organic ingredients dominate throughout and make a far cry from the processed condition of similar offerings in chain stores.

5. Visit The Whispering Wall

Location:Whispering Wall Road, Williamstown

The Whispering Wall of Williamstown in the Barossa Valley is a weird and wonderful example of natural phenomena at work. While it’s nothing particularly special to look at – visually, it’s merely a century-plus old dam created to hold back the waters of the Barossa Reservoir – the Whispering Wall’s curved shape leads to voices being carried from one side of its arch to the other. This means that even a whisper can be heard clearly over 100 metres away, and is from which it derives its name.

6. Visit Maggie Beer's Farm Shop

Location:50 Pheasant Farm Road, Nuriootpa

Those looking to dabble in the solid end of the Barossa’s culinary spectrum can pay a visit to this excellent hybrid store/restaurant that specialises in variety and provides a strong emphasis on sampling for yourself. Maggie Beer has long been an acclaimed figure on the Australian foodie scene, and her signature Farm Shop has been delighting visitors from afar since the late 1970’s – first, as a standalone store, and later with the addition of a standout restaurant that still runs in full force to this day.

7. Take a segway tour

Location:South Terrace, Nuriootpa

While there are numerous conventional ways to explore the Barossa’s wineries and landscape – both on the ground and in the air – those looking for an experience that’s truly something unique can opt for a Segway tour at one of the region’s most acclaimed wineries. Local operator Segway Sensation offer visitors the chance to hop aboard and pilot their own futuristic vehicle; a vertically-aligned, two-wheeled electric Segway that provides a remarkably smooth ride amongst the vines.

8. Cycle with Barossa Bike Hire

Location:South Terrace, Nuriootpa

Those looking to combine taking in the Barossa’s scenery with a dose of added exercise all conducted at your own pace can take the opportunity to don a helmet and hop on two wheels for a custom adventure. The close proximity of a number of the region’s best wineries to one another – coupled with the inherently scenic landscape – makes the Barossa one of Australia’s most enjoyable leisurely rides, and the region boasts an extensive array of well-constructed, sealed track ideal for both walking and riding.

9. Explore Kingsford Homestead

Location:Kingsford Road, Gawler

While accommodation is often merely a means to an end for those travelling, the Barossa Valley’s incredibly unique Kingsford Homestead is distinctive enough so as to rank as an attraction in its own right. Perhaps most famously known in recent years as the set for popular Aussie TV series McLeod’s Daughters, all it takes is the initial drive up the homestead’s long, sweeping driveway to known you’ll soon be in for a treat with a visit – or a stay – here.

10. Visit the Barossa Valley Sculpture Park

Location:Mengler’s Hill Road, Barossa Valley

One of the Barossa’s more unique attractions that blend together both the man-made and the natural into an interesting combination, this makes for an ideal starting point for first-time visitors to the region looking to gain the lay of the land. For one of the best available overviews of the Barossa Valley’s scenery, head for the Barossa Valley Sculpture Park at Mengler’s Hill which offers a sweeping, 180-degree panorama of the various wineries and fields that make up the region’s verdant landscape.