The Top Things to do in Port Lincoln

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One of Australia's best hubs for aquatic experiences, South Australia's Port Lincoln lies on the scenic Eyre Peninsula and serves as an ideal springboard for those who like their experiences wet and wild. The town lies some 7+ hours' drive away from capital Adelaide but is well worth the trek for a getaway, as it offers a combination of laid-back atmosphere and a range of adventures that's can't be done anywhere else in the state, let alone Australia as a whole. Port Lincoln and its surrounding region is renowned for the quality of its seafood, with the likes of prawns, tuna and lobster here prominent, juicy, and fresh; culinary enthusiasts will thus be able to sample this ocean bounty "straight from the sea", or in the number of great restaurants to which the town is home.

Adventure-seekers will likewise be in their element here, as this is one of the few places in the country where visitors can embark on a tour to either swim alongside sea lions in the wild at Hopkins and Pearson Islands - a magical encounter - or kick up the adrenaline level an additional notch and go cage diving with that most fearsome of ocean predators: the Great White Shark. Throw in some quality national park for land-based exploration, a number of historical and cultural attractions, and a robust fishing scene and Port Lincoln has plenty to offer a variety of different travellers in South Australia.