Top Things to do in Exmouth, WA

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Located on Australia's west coast, Exmouth is a small resort town with the beautiful Ningaloo Marine Park. An iconic Australian destination, Exmouth is an ideal holiday location for locals and tourists looking to experience some of the best marine life and aquatic beauty in the country.

Rivalling the famous reef on the east coast of Australia; the Great Barrier Reef, Ningaloo Reef and the greater Exmouth Region offers visitors the chance to swim with giant whale sharks, snorkel impeccable reefs and relax on pristine beaches.

Browse all available tours, attractions and activities in the Exmouth region below to begin your adventure in this beautiful part of the country.

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Top 10 Things to do in - Exmouth and surrounds

Whale Shark Swim
Whale Watching
Lighthouse Scenic Drive
Vlamingh Head Lighthouse
Shothole Canyon
Charles Knife Canyon
Yardie Creek Gorge
Mildura Wreck

1. Swim with Whale Sharks

Location:2 Ross Street, Exmouth

The largest fish in the world is a frequent in the waters off Exmouth, making swimming with Whale Sharks one of the best and most popular things to do in the region. These gentle giants are more impressive up close as you swim alongside them in the vibrant waters of the Indian Ocean. With an experienced guide and photographer both in the water with you and a spotter plane gliding overhead to find the whale sharks, you’ll be in safe hands as you jump in for the adventure of a lifetime.

2. Snorkel the Turquoise Bay Drift

Location:Ningaloo Marine Park

Turquoise Bay is one of the best places to dive in and explore the WA coastline from under the water. Just a few metres from Ningaloo Reef, you’ll be able to enjoy the fringing reef of the area and take in the beautiful and vibrant colours from underwater. The Drift Snorkel is a popular natural attraction for visitors looking to relax and snorkel. The drift starts around 300 metres up the beach from the carpark. Simply swim straight out into the water and let the current calmly carry you north across the reef.

3. Sunset Whale Watching Cruise

Location:2 Ross Street, Exmouth

One of the best whale watching spots in the country, the whales pass by Exmouth and its surrounding regions on their trip up north to escape the cool waters and again when they journey back south. This is not just any cruise, Ocean Eco Adventures’ Sunset Whale Watching Cruise combines the impressive sights of the migrating whales and mixes it with a relaxing cruise of this breathtaking region at sunset. For 2 hours, you’ll be treated to fresh Exmouth prawns, tea and coffee, and gourmet platters as you depart the coastline into Ningaloo Marine Park.

4. Kayak over Ningaloo Reef

Location:Ningaloo Marine Park

If you’d rather stay relatively dry while exploring Ningaloo Reef, then a kayaking tour is the way to go. Paddling over the vibrant marine park, you’ll be treated to top-down views of the colourful coral and its local inhabitants. Under the leadership of a knowledgeable guide, you’ll learn about the reef and the animals that live in it while experiencing it first hand. There are a number of operators who conduct kayaking tours on Ningaloo Reef, including Exmouth Adventure Co. and Capricorn Seakayaking.

5. Follow the Lighthouse Scenic Drive

Location:Via Yardie Creek Road, Exmouth

The road journeys up to Vlamingh Head lighthouse and offers panoramic views of Ningaloo Reef and the Indian Ocean. If your visit coincides with whale migration season you’ll be in for a treat as you can see the whales moving along the coast from land. The drive itself starts from just outside of Exmouth and is sometimes subject to closures, so be sure to check with the Tourist Centre before you embark on the journey.

6. Take in the views from Vlamingh Head Lighthouse

Location:Lot 2, Yardie Creek Road, North West Cape

Built in 1912, the Vlamingh Head Lighthouse stands strong on the coastline, 17 kilometres north of Exmouth. Overlooking the vibrant Lighthouse Bay, the lighthouse is one of the only Australian destinations where you can watch the sun rise and set in the one spot. If you can manage an early start to watch the sunrise and make it back for sunset, you’ll be treated to an unforgettable experience. The lighthouse currently doesn’t offer any tours, however, the history of it is quite interesting. Vlamingh Head Lighthouse was used as a refuelling station for US Navy ships during World War II and has weathered many storms.

7. Explore Shothole Canyon

Location:Shothole Canyon Road, Cape Range National Park, Exmouth

The canyon was named after the shotholes left during the search for oil in the 1950s from the explosive charges and is another part of Cape Range National Park. Located in close proximity to Charles Knife Canyon, the Shothole Canyon is another breathtaking destination with some world-class views. Offering spectacular views of the Cape Range National Park, the Shothole Canyon can be driven around with ease. Along the drive, you’ll be able to see the beautiful colours of the canyon rock face and the surrounding region. There are various lookouts located in the canyon, each offering views of Cape Range and its 700 caves.

8. Look over Charles Knife Canyon

Location:Charles Knife Road, Cape Range National Park, Exmouth

Jump in your car and get ready for a scenic adventure in Charles Knife Canyon. The road takes you on an adventure winding from Exmouth to the top of the range for some spectacular views of the surrounding region. Complete with a picnic area, the Thomas Carter Lookout at the top of the range is the perfect place to sit and relax while taking in gorgeous views of the Charles Knife Canyon. If you’re chasing an unforgettable experience, head up to the lookout at sunrise to watch the light roll over the Exmouth Gulf. For those eager to get out of the car and explore on foot, there is a bush trail that treks its way through the canyon floor and through the national park.

9. Explore Yardie Creek Gorge

Location:Yardie Creek Road, Exmouth

A popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts, Yardie Creek Gorge offers some great bush walking, boating and wildlife spotting opportunities. The walking trail is a half hour return trip, stretching only 500 metres along Yardie Creek’s cliffs. Along the trail, you’ll be treated to impressive views of the gorge itself with sights of Ningaloo Reef in the not too far distance. With a picnic area and toilets, you’ll be able to make a day of it. Located around half an hour from Exmouth, the gorge is also a popular camping spot. Unfortunately, this isn’t a free camps ground, with sites costing up to $10 per adult per night. Facilities include toilets only with no fires or pets allowed.

10. Visit the Mildura Wreck

Location:Mildura Wreck Road, Exmouth

The skeleton of the SS Mildura can be viewed from the beach at Lighthouse Bay. Although there isn’t much to see, the history of the wreck is something to admire. The hull of the ship was used for bombing practice back during World War II, with the usable parts of the ship salvaged for use. The wrecks can be reached with just a short drive from Exmouth and are visible with the naked eye from the beach, so no massive camera zoom needed.