The Top Things to do on & around Hamilton Island

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Looking for all the best things to do both on - and departing from - the Whitsundays' hub of Hamilton Island? This luxurious, upmarket island is a buzzing hive of activity and development, and serves as a key springboard for many adventures to explore the beautiful Whitsunday Islands and their many stunning natural features. Home to its own airport as well as a number of accommodation options, restaurants and shopping facilities, Hamilton Island is the ideal base for those who want to enjoy the gorgeous surrounds of an island environment rather than staying on the mainland.

There are a wide range of tours that depart from Hamilton Island to must-visit spots within the greater Whitsundays chain such as Whitehaven Beach, top snorkelling and diving locations on the Great Barrier Reef, and even other islands such as Daydream and various others nearby. Add in multiple options for family entertainment, and Hamilton Island is a wonderful all-round destination for some amazing tropical Queensland adventures.