The Top Things to do in Jervis Bay

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A hub of coastal beauty and marine life, New South Wales' Jervis Bay is one of the top getaway spots for those looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of Sydney. This is a destination that scores high points for its natural beauty both on and off-shore, with the waters of the Jervis Bay Marine Park teeming with aquatic creatures and its famously stunning Hyams Beach a drawcard for beach-dwellers nationwide. One of Australia's most renowned spots for dolphin watching, Jervis Bay's seas are home to a colony of resident dolphins that can be found in the waters all-year-round, and as a result dolphin spotting cruises undertaken here have extremely high rates for successful sightings. Dolphin's larger mammal counterparts, the migrating whales, can also be seen during their annual trek during June to November, making for a busy oceanscape that's always delightful to explore.

Stick to the shoreline and your options for adventure and relaxation continue to expand, as Jervis Bay is also home to an extensive national park that provides opportunities for bushwalking and discovery, while the town of Huskisson serves as the major base for those looking to stick to civilisation and offers quality dining and culinary experiences. Simply choose from the range of things to do in Jervis Bay below for more information and to book online today.

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Top 5 Things to do in - Jervis Bay and surrounds

Booderee National Park
Whale Watching
Cape St. George Lighthouse
Moona Moona Creek
Jervis Bay Maritime Museum

1. Explore Booderee National Park

Location:Booderee National Park, Village Road, Jervis Bay Territory

Jervis Bay’s Booderee National Park is filled with outstanding natural beauty and is home to around 200 different bird species and 30 native mammal species. This national park is a significant place for the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community and Koori people; Booderee is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘bay of plenty’ and visitors to the area are asked to take care and respect the grounds.

2. Go whale watching

Location:58 Owen Street, Huskisson

Embark on the ultimate whale-watching journey in Jervis Bay – a popular hotspot for migrating humpback whales. Aboard a luxurious vessel, you’ll be able to get a glimpse of these amazing creatures as they play and frolic in the water in close proximity to the boat.

3. Visit Cape St. George Lighthouse

Location:Booderee National Park, Village Road, Jervis Bay Territory

A significant European site located in Booderee National Park, the Cape St. George Lighthouse ruins hold a fascinating, grim history. The ruins have been listed on the National Estate Register since 1981 for its important setting, stonework and as a relic of early European occupation. The site is now a popular viewing platform for whale watching during the migrating season towards the end of the year. The Cape St. George Lighthouse is a must-see for visitors to the Jervis Bay region for both its rich history and spectacular views.

4. Spend the day at Moona Moona Creek

Location:Beach Street, Huskisson

Moona Moona Creek is the perfect place to set up camp for a few days and relax on the soft sand overlooking the clear blue water. An ideal spot for the whole family, the younger kids will love splashing around in the safe, shallow waters around the shore. You could spend hours just lazing on the beach or wading in the waters – it will most likely be a feat getting the troop back in the car to leave.

5. Visit Jervis Bay Maritime Museum

Location:Woollamia Road, Huskisson

Showcasing a wide range of world-renowned maritime collections and artefacts, Jervis Bay Maritime Museum is a must-see. The museum displays a range of nautical equipment, models, photographs, paintings, drawings and more explaining the history and heritage of Jervis Bay. Located on the waterfront of Currambene Creek, the museum houses a selection of historic vessels including the Lady Denman ferry.