Top Things to do in the Kimberley Region

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Looking for all the best things to do in the ruggedly beautiful Kimberley Region of Western Australia? Browse the Kimberley's top tours, activities and more here! One of the most striking and untouched examples of the red-and-blue of Australia's natural beauty, the Kimberley is a far-flung and isolated region that's home to some of the country's most impressive phenomena that ranges from incredible rock formations, to some incredible national parks, and aquatic environments that have to be seen to be believed.

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Top 10 Things to do in - Kimberley and surrounds

Horizontal Falls
Mitchell Falls
Broome & Cable Beach
Purnululu National Park
Gibb River Road
Cape Leveque
Buccaneer Archipelago
Windjana Gorge
Lake Argyle
El Questro Wilderness Park

1. Visit the Horizontal Falls

Location:Talbot Bay, Kimberley

The Horizontal Falls are situated in Talbot Bay near the town of Broome and north of Derby, this majestic display of a combination of sheer aquatic power and the influence of the tides makes for one impressive adventure on both in the air and on water. It’s an occurrence that simulates the visual effect of a waterfall as water rushes between a narrow gap between two gorges of the McLarty Range which can be found in two separate sections – one inner and one outer – and both are remarkably narrow for this kind of landform.

2. Admire Mitchell Falls

Location:Mitchell Plateau, Kimberley

Long one of the state’s most-photographed locations, as with many Kimberley highlights, the falls are exceptionally remote but undeniably beautiful. Part of the wildlife-rich Mitchell River National Park, its lack of practically any other travellers sharing the view with you is one of the main reasons visiting here is so rewarding.

3. Visit Broome & Cable Beach

Location:Cable Beach, Broome

Likely to serve as the main gateway for nearly any ongoing Kimberley adventures, Broome is a lovely little town in and of itself that not only benefits from seemingly eternally clear skies but brings along an interesting and mixed history that blends European, Indigenous Australian and even Japanese cultures together. Sitting on a peninsula facing the Indian Ocean and originally constructed on the back of a thriving pearling industry, Broome is the fly-in destination for both secluded relaxation and the launchpad for the adventurous.

4. Explore Purnululu National Park

Location:Eastern Kimberley

The Kimberley’s signature national park is a remarkable, remote and entirely unique looking part of the country which was formed over immense eras of natural landscaping, yet only came to European attention since its discovery in 1983. Ever since its trademark spectacle of the Bungle Bungle Ranges has been a key bucket list item on the itineraries many travellers to Western Australia.

5. Drive the Gibb River Road

Location:Between Derby and Kununurra

Previously used as a cattle route, this off-road journey remains one of Australia’s premier 4WD road trips and still conveys an outback atmosphere in which escapist adventure is the name of the game. Throughout its roughly 660km length, the Gibb River Road encompasses a varied and far-reaching range of natural scenery as it conveys drivers from Derby on the WA coast through to Kununurra at the state’s inner border.

6. Visit Cape Leveque

Location:220km from Broome

Cape Leveque has long been another staple of Western Australian tourism photography, with its mixed tableau of stunning white sands against bright red rocks and azure water being an embodiment of the region as a whole. Located at a tip of the Kimberley region’s northern section, it’s both physically scenic and remarkably well-run, as the Cape is home to an Aboriginal-owned wilderness camp which provides an additional historic and cultural backdrop to what is already stunning natural part of the Dampier Peninsula.

7. Cruise the Buccaneer Archipelago

Location:Off the coast of Derby

This cavalcade of nearly 1,000 rocky islands of varying sizes situated within bright, turquoise waters in the state’s north-west is as scenic as it is remote. A far cry from the glitz and over-development of resort islands on the Australian east coast, the islands here are instead more ruggedly beautiful, many with high cliffs, unpopulated and completely undeveloped while rich in flora and fauna and dotted with pandanus and emerald rainforest trees.

8. Visit Windjana Gorge

Location:King Leopold Ranges

Part of one of the multiple standout national parks that can be found in the Kimberley region, Windjana Gorge and its surrounding park is rich in vegetation and wildlife. The gorge itself makes for an impressive walk which is accessed via a cleft through rocks and cuts its way through ancient limestone walls that rise up to extraordinary heights on either side.

9. Cruise Lake Argyle

Location:70km from Kununurra

One of the Kimberley’s most prominent physical features, Lake Argyle is a massive, man-made freshwater lake that has turned into a major attraction in its own right, both for its scale and isolation, as well the dramatic visual landscape it presents. The colour contrast of the surrounding rocky hills against the lake’s water is striking, and the contours of the lake within the surrounding environment appear largely natural – it never gives off the feeling of being man made

10. Visit El Questro Wilderness Park

Location:110km from Kununurra, Kimberley

El Questro Wilderness Park ranks as one of the more diverse – and potentially luxurious – options to use as a stopover during Kimberley adventures. Spread out over an area of approximately 700,000 acres, this is perhaps best be described as a controlled adventure with a certain degree of commercialism involved.