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Experience Oz is Australia's largest experience provider

With over 3000 things to do across Australia and New Zealand. We provide a platform from which to achieve significant exposure for your region or business by utilising our large, travel-oriented audience.

What can we offer?

  • Distribution to a large audience with relevant interests
  • Development and coordination of campaigns to increase visitations and bookings
  • Marketing spend to increase reach during campaigns
  • A vast subscriber network of direct customers and partner networks
  • An ever-growing social media presence with high engagement
  • A dedicated, specialist team of marketing professionals to document your experience and create relevant content
  • Commitment to providing exceptional return on investment

Our Reach & Distribution

Experience Oz offers a continually growing reach of avid travellers from around the globe. From our top-of-Google travel features to our highly engaged social networks and wide range of partnering companies and tour operators, we aim to provide exposure for Australian and New Zealand experiences to the largest possible audience of interested travellers.

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Past Media Coverage

Past Media Coverage

Become A Promotional Partner

Experience Oz is currently looking to collaborate with experience-related entities, including individual operators, tourism organisations, or other relevant product or media companies. This partnership will promote the brands and offerings of both companies to a large, targeted audience.

The company reaches customers through our sales website, blog and social media channels, monitored by a dedicated marketing team. Experience Oz is now seen as a web travel authority, outranking various large international travel sites for most region focused searches on 'things to do' around Australia.

With an accumulated social following of over 165,000 users, posts across these channels garner a significant amount of organic reach that is then extended via additional paid promotions and complimented by our ever-growing email database.

What can we offer?

As a promotional partner, we can offer a number of designated advertising spaces on a contra or bespoke basis to help create awareness for your brand amongst both our local and international markets. These spaces include:

  • Site-wide side-bar advertising on our blog
  • In-text linking to the product page included in all review articles to further promote the experience and encourage sales
  • Brand advertising/banner included on the attached second page of customer vouchers, issued to all Experience Oz customers.
  • Inclusion in our weekly EDMs (160,000+ subscribers) in the form of featured products, featured campaigns or content articles


When collaborating with Tourism Organisations, we can offer:

  • Dedicated, qualified marketing and content creation staff to document your region's experiences
  • Direct booking functionality for your region's tour operators
  • Funded social media campaigns to promote your region to the relevant target market
  • Custom video content of experiences to showcase your region in motion
  • Creation of in-depth feature articles answering popular queries & increasing interest in the region
  • Exposure to international audiences including East and South East Asia, UK, USA and various parts of Europe.
  • Email campaigns solely dedicated to your region and its top experiences

Your involvement:

  • Marketing support costs to further extend campaign reach
  • Estimated returned value for the average campaign is a minimum 4:1 ROI

If you're a Tourism Organisation eager to extend their region's reach and increase awareness within your target market, please contact us to discuss collaboration options.

Tour/Attractions Operators

To help showcase our tour/attractions partners, we can offer:

  • Dedicated marketing and content creation staff to document your experience(s)
  • Main feature section in weekly Experience Oz EDM (160,000+ subscriptions)
  • Social media post promoting your tour/attraction with full brand mentions & account tags
  • Custom video content to showcase your experience in motion
  • 'Tried and Tested' article reviewing your experience, featured on the product page
  • Creation of in-depth content features to encourage bookings
  • Promotion of your company name/brand to the public
  • Exposure to international audiences including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and various parts of Europe

If you are a tour or attractions operator looking to collaborate with us, please contact us directly below.


Are you a blogger, photographer or travel writer looking to expand your travel portfolio and web presence? Experience Oz is currently looking to collaborate with social media influencers around Australia and New Zealand to promote some of the best experiences each country has to offer.

Experience Oz offers influencers an experience, tour or activity in the destination of their choosing in exchange for reviews of the experience, mentions of Experience Oz on all social posts, and imagery of the chosen product.

We are open to collaborating with influencers who live in New Zealand or Australia or international influencers who are planning a holiday in either country in the near future. Experience Oz sells thousands of things to do in both countries and is eager to work with up and coming travel bloggers, Instagrammers and photographers looking to show off some of the best experiences Australia and New Zealand have to offer, while also promoting their own personal brand.

What can we offer?

  • The opportunity to expand your reach through our large subscriber network and social channels
  • The chance to experience and review a range of top activities and tours across Australia & New Zealand on a contra basis
  • Advertising linking to your accounts or blog page on our blog and in our EDM
  • Flexible collaborative arrangements tailored to each influencer
  • A chance to develop a long term relationship with the Experience Oz brand

What we ask from you

  • A unique blog post outlining and reviewing the experience with mention that it was organised and provided to you by Experience Oz
  • A minimum of three posts on your social channels (Instagram and Facebook preferred) tagging Experience Oz and the relevant operator
  • A minimum of six high-resolution images for use on Experience Oz's social channels and product pages to promote the specific experience
  • A video of the experience (if possible)

If you're a social or web influencer who loves travel, Australia and New Zealand, and are looking to collaborate, please contact us directly below.

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