Top Things to do in Geelong

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Looking for all the best things to do in Geelong, Victoria? Melbourne's neighbouring city is a worthy destination in its own right, combining some of the best of a lovely coastal location with a number of both modern and historic attractions for both travellers and locals alike to enjoy. Undergoing a continual facelift since its status as a largely blue-collar, factory-oriented town in the past, Geelong now ranks as one of the trendier and up-and-coming cities that boasts quality dining experiences, boutique bars and pubs set inside the reinvented shells of old mills, and a number of picturesque day trip destinations just a short drive away.

From splashing down at water parks to swimming with seals to indulging in the bounty of local wineries, Geelong has much to offer the aspiring traveller. Check out our listings of the best things to do in Geelong and surrounds below to arrange YOUR ideal experience today.

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