Top Things to do in the Snowy Mountains

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Looking for things to do in the Snowy Mountains? With our range of experiences, you can discover Australia’s favourite high-country area! Here you can journey beyond the black stump to experience the Australian high country that was forever immortalized by Banjo Paterson’s poem – The Man from Snowy River. This famous NSW mountain range offers a bevy of interesting things to do with tours and activities that are designed to showcase this stunning region and its diversity. The Snowy Mountains area is part of the Kosciuszko National Park and includes Thredbo Ski Field, Mount Perisher and the iconic Snowy River.

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Top 10 Things to do in - Snowy Mountains and surrounds

Horse Riding
River Sledding
Winery Tour
Hike Mt Kosciuszko
Spa Day
Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre
Kosciuszko Brewery
WildBrumby Schnapps Distillery

1. Hit the slopes at Thredbo or Perisher

Location:Various locations

As one of only two locations in Australia that receive large, natural snowfall during the winter months, the Snowy Mountains serve as the location for the purest possible winter sports. While it's home to four major ski resorts, Thredbo and Perisher are by far the most famous and offer the largest array of both facilities and opportunities for ski enthusiasts and non-skiers alike.

2. Go Horse Riding with Snowy Wilderness

Location:Barry Way, Jindabyne

Local operator Snowy Wilderness offers a range of horse riding tours suitable for a range of ages and abilities. Based out of a resort/cottage nestled in the high country, the rides take participants on a route that doesn't follow the typical well-worn tourist track and instead journeys into the heart of the bush for a truly authentic experience. The horses themselves are also a major highlight, as they're all not only well-trained but obviously well cared for by their owners, with horses paired to their rider based on character and ability level.

3. River Sled at Lake Crackenback

Location:Alpine Way, Crackenback

The waters of the Snowy Mountains' Lake Crackenback and Thredbo River aren't just pretty to look at, they also serve as the hub for a myriad of aquatic activities. One of the best additions to this lineup is river sledding, an experience that mixes the best bits of sightseeing, whitewater rafting and bodyboarding all in one. It's an activity that the whole family can enjoy during the warmer months in the region requiring no prior experience, and an accurate symbol of how the Snowy Mountains as a whole is much more than a one-trick-pony of skiing and snowboarding during the winter months.

4. Take a Snowy Vineyard Estate Winery Tour

Location:Werralong Road, Dalgety

Wine plays a large role in the region and there are a number of small-scale wineries and vineyards on offer to visitors. The Snowy Vineyard Estate is a solid choice among these, particularly for families visiting the area as it's much more of a family-style farm environment than your standard, run-of-the-mill corporate cellar door. As a result, there are farm animals here, so while adults are busy enjoying tasting the wine, the kids can run free in the large, open grassed area or get up close with the likes of guinea pigs, chickens, and pigs.

5. Explore and Hike Kosciuszko with K7 Adventures


Australia's highest mountain is perhaps the most distinctive feature of the entire Snowy Mountains region, and its surrounding national park also offers a cavalcade of natural spectacles that embody pure and pristine alpine Australia. While not everyone will have the stamina to climb to the peak, Kosciuszko is unlike many country's œtallest mountains in that it's fairly accessible to get to the peak. Local operator K7 Adventures provide a range of walking itineraries that cover both ends of the walking spectrum, and regardless of if you're looking to be guided on a leisurely half-day stroll through some easy yet spectacular highlights or embrace the challenge of Kosciuszko itself, all bases are covered here.

6. Get Pampered at the Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa

Location:Alpine Way, Crackenback

Long a popular spot for secluded getaways, weddings and other special occasions, this is a resort-come-hideaway that sits nestled on the border of the Kosciuszko National Park with an outlook that includes the panorama of Lake Crackenback itself. While it's a hub for all sorts of activities nearby, the resort also offers a spa complex that allows visitors some indulgent physical treatments all within the midst of these wonderful surrounds.

7. Visit The Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre

Location:Cooma, Snowy Mountains

The Snowy Mountains Scheme is one of the most ambitious accomplishments of engineering in Australian history and€“ is our country's most significant example of this, with the extensive array of tunnels, dams, pipelines and power stations still playing a large role in the infrastructure of NSW to this day. As one of the region's most iconic institutions, if you're interested in learning more about the construction, operation, and sheer scale of the Scheme then the Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre is an essential stop.

8. Grab a drink from the Kosciuszko Brewery

Location:Banjo Paterson Inn, Snowy Mountains

Banjo Paterson is a name that's synonymous with the Snowy Mountains as a whole, and it's at the inn of his namesake that you'll find the home of the region's most highly-regarded drop of amber, the Kosciuszko Brewery. Established back in 2009, this microbrewery is responsible for the on-site production of the wonderful Kosciuszko Pale Ale that's sure to appeal to all fans of a beverage and boasts a light, fruity taste that makes it exceedingly easy to drink.

9. Fly fishing at Eucumbene Trout Farm

Location:Rocky Plain, Snowy Mountains

While fly fishing is popular in the region, guests who visit Eucumbene have the opportunity to use a standard rod-and-reel combo as well, so any difficulties for children or those who can't quite get the hand of the fly can still come away with a catch. Any fish caught are scaled and gutted for visitors to enjoy then and there with barbeque facilities on-site. Side dishes such as salads and chips are sold for purchase as well, so it's possible to make a complete meal out of things.

10. Visit WildBrumby Schnapps Distillery

Location:Alpine Way, between Thredbo & Jindabyne, Snowy Mountains

WildBrumby Schnapps Distillery is located between the popular Snowy Mountains ski resorts of Jindabyne and Thredbo (roughly a 20km drive from Jindabyne) and is an interesting blend of a distillery, restaurant and hotel. Set amongst some beautifully manicured gardens and nestled in a location surrounded by majestic, mountainous terrain, it's a unique backdrop to enjoy a sampling or a distinctive meal that feels akin to being somewhere in Austria or Germany more than the Australian high country.