Top things to do in Ballarat

Looking for all the best things to do in Ballarat, Victoria? We've got all the popular Ballarat Wildlife Park, tours and activities in this part of VIC here.

Top things to do in Ballarat

Looking for all the best things to do in Ballarat, Victoria? We've got all the popular Ballarat Wildlife Park, tours and activities in this part of VIC here.

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Top 10 Things to do Ballarat

Ballarat is the third largest city in Victoria situated just one hour's drive from Melbourne and was once the epicentre of the famous Australian Gold Rush. The legacy of that prosperous time is evident when you walk down the streets of the town filled with grand historic buildings.

Fast forward 150 years and the impressive architecture that remains is a refreshing change that aims to honour its history and prosperous beginnings. The town is now better known for its tourism offerings and living museum at Sovereign Hill that encourages visitors to step back in time in a recreated township for an immersive experience of this era. Ballarat also has an emerging cultural arts scene and stages a number of festivals throughout the year.

If you are looking to understand and witness a piece of Australia’s history then a visit to Ballarat is a must. Here we have compiled a list of the top five things to do that you must do when you visit Ballarat.

1. Sovereign Hill

The region was once known for being the destination of the greatest gold rush the world has ever seen and a visit to Sovereign Hill is a must-see experience for those interested in Australian history.

2. Ballarat Wildlife Park

Come face to face with a wide range of creatures including kangaroos, koalas, wombats and crocodiles, all living in pleasant, green surroundings at the Ballarat Wildlife Park.

3. Kryal Castle

Explore the lavishly decorated castle complete with themed passageways, view the fascinating (and somewhat terrifying) torture chamber exhibition, watch as knights joust to proclaim their bravery and so much more at Kryal Castle.

4. Ballarat Botanic Gardens

The Ballarat Botanic gardens feature many beautiful sights including the flourishing rose garden, statuary and Prime Ministers Avenue displaying statues of the faces of every Australian Prime Minister.

5. Australian Ex Prisoners of War Memorial

Since its inception in 2004 people have been visiting this memorial to learn about its purpose and pay their respects to those it is honouring.

6. The Aura Show

The Aura Show at Sovereign Hill is a 90-minute multi-sensory experience that relives Australia’s most important rebellion set out over 64 acres and lights up the Ballarat night sky.

7. Lake Wendouree

The Lake Wendouree precinct located near the Ballarat Botanic Gardens once played host to the rowing, canoeing and kayaking in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics Games and now is hive of activity with picnicking families.

8. The Gold Museum

The Gold Museum in Ballarat holds 150,000 items from Australia’s mining and military history through to period costumes and historic photography and is well worth the visit.

9. Ballarat Bird World

Take a walk through the free-flight aviary to see a variety of feathery friends at Ballarat Bird World.

10. The Eureka Centre

The Eureka Centre is located at the historic site of Australia’s infamous Stockade and houses artefacts such as the Eureka flag, books, newspapers, maps and many more items of importance.
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