Top Things to do in Margaret River

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Looking for things to do in Margaret River, WA? Western Australia's "southwestern jewel" is a less-famous region that nonetheless receives rave reviews from those who have visited from both locally and interstate. Featuring a blend of beautiful natural forest, impressively rugged coastlines, various renowned wineries & breweries and stunning ancient cave networks, Margaret River is truly an area of charming visual contrasts. Cruises will provide both a relaxing and scenic experience down its pristine waterways, but whatever you choose to do, you'll no doubt come away impressed by this underrated region!

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Top 10 Things to do in - Margaret River and surrounds

Winery Tours
Lake Cave
Whale Watching
Sunflowers Animal Farm
Scenic Flight
Amaze'n Maze
Horse Riding
Eagles Heritage Wildlife Centre

1. Tour the wineries

Location:101 Bussell Hwy, Margaret River

The Margaret River region is home to over 150 individual wine producers ranging from tiny boutiques to major labels that continue to grow in national and international renown every year. From chardonnay to sauvignon, the region boasts a wide portfolio of quality mainstream wines, as well as more unconventional niche, produce that are sure to delight the connoisseur.

2. Visit Lake Cave

Location:Caves Rd, Margaret River

While it’s far from the largest cave in the region, it’s arguably the most beautiful. Entry to the cave is gained via a relatively long descent down a flight of 350 stairs leading into the heart of the massive doline, which is a sight into and of itself. While it’s a somewhat intimidating initial approach to the attraction, the reward after making the trip down is well worth the effort.

3. Go whale watching

Location:Dunn Bay Road, Dunsborough

One of the key highlights of the annual sightseeing calendar, the greater Margaret River region is home to some of the best whale watching in Australia, boasting both high whale numbers and one of the longest-running whale watching seasons in the world. Typically running from May all the way through to early December, the length of the season provides numerous chances for visitors to the region to take part in what is widely acclaimed as one of the most impressive wildlife spectacles.

4. Enjoy the many great restaurants

Location:Various locations

Culinary culture plays a key part in what makes Margaret River tick, and this is more than adequately reflected in the array of great restaurants that call the region home. The mild weather and a large amount of sunshine are conducive to producing all manner of great fresh produce, and this is put to good use by many of the award-winning chefs who ply their trade in the area.

5. Visit Sunflowers Animal Farm

Location:5561 Caves Road, Margaret River

This charming animal attraction takes the wildlife experience one step further by offering a large array of creatures from all over the animal kingdom. The facility scores major bonus points for being particularly hands-on, with a high level of emphasis on interactivity with the creatures of all kinds that both kids and wildlife lovers alike will no doubt appreciate.

6. Scenic flight with Wild Blue Helicopters

Location:8655 Bussell Hwy, Cowaramup

Wild Blue Helicopters specialise in providing guests with some outstanding aerial views of the region at very competitive prices. Flights on offer range anywhere from short, 10-minute teasers all the way up to extensive courses that cover the entire Cape-to-Cape coastline.

7. Explore Amaze'n

Location:9978 Bussell Hwy, Margaret River

Scoring bonus points for uniqueness, the aptly-named Amaze’n is one of the Margaret River region’s signature man-made attractions that serves as a safe and fun place to visit for those travelling alone and with kids alike. The finely-kept conifer hedge mazes are large, with the giant maze being particularly big, are well-manicured and enjoyably confusing, with the younger ones always enjoying the fun of losing themselves inside the winding outdoor corridors and discovering something new along the way.

8. Horse riding at The Horse Resort

Location:Osmington Road, Margaret River

All that rolling countryside to be found in the Margaret River region doesn’t just look good – it also provides the perfect opportunity for inland exploration as well, and there are few more enjoyable and back-to-basics approaches for sightseeing than on horseback. Local trail riding facility The Horse Resort offers exactly that, and it’s a satisfying way to deviate from the standard guided tour experience while still seeing some of the best nature that Margaret River has to offer.

9. Visit the Eagles Heritage Wildlife Centre

Location:341 Boodjidup Rd, Margaret River

This charming little wildlife facility is home to the country’s largest collection of birds of prey and serves as a haven for both breeding and the rehabilitation of injured birds before they recover and are released back into the wild. All kinds of these massive birds can be found here, from hawks and falcons to owls and eagles, and seeing the sheer scale of each of them when viewed from up close rather than high in the air can be as intimidating as it is impressive!

10. Explore the coast

Location:From Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin

Characteristic of much of the coastline of Western Australia, the areas where land-meets-sea around Margaret River are prime examples of rugged, untamed Aussie beauty at their finest. The scenic portion of the coastal region surrounding Margaret River stretches around 100 kilometres in total and is home to numerous uncrowded beaches.