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Rottnest Island ロットネスト島 オプショナルツアー

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An island paradise that lies just off the coast of Western Australian capital Perth, Rottnest Island is a beautiful destination intermingling natural scenery and a dose of history for a stunning single and multi-day getaway from the mainland. The island was voted #1 in our annual Australia's Top 10 Destinations to Experience poll by the public for 2014, with many of the reasons it's such a popular spot carrying it to victory; its mixture of secluded, sandy bays and beaches, wonderful snorkelling and surfing opportunities, family-friendly setup and interesting military architecture and Aboriginal historic sites make for a diverse yet easily navigable place to both relax and explore. Rottnest Island is also home to an interesting and varied amount of animal life, perhaps most notable its famed Quokka - a cute, cuddly and smiley mammal that has made them one of the darlings of the Internet in recent years.

Those visiting Rottnest can take part in a variety of experiences to explore its many offerings both on and off-shore; take a cruise in the surrounding waters to soak in marine life including dolphins, seals and more; go swimming or snorkelling in the 60+ beaches that the island plays host to; visit a number of historic sites including museums and other heritage attractions; take in amazing views from atop the Wadjemup Lighthouse; enjoy a drink and a bite to eat at the popular Hotel Rottnest, and much, much more. Simply choose from the available Rottnest Island experiences for more information and to book online today.

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