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Fun facts about the Snowy Mountains

By Matt H · 07/09/2023 · 2 min read

An 1800's gold rush? Australia's highest peak? But the real fun fact is we’ve all been pronouncing Kosciuszko wrong. Whoops!

This visually stunning alpine region of Australia - the Snowy Mountains - is home to some of the best nature-based activities and ski adventures that the country has to offer, with beautiful peaks, great ski fields and plenty of untamed Aussie wilderness to explore.

Here are some quick Snowy Mountains facts about New South Wales' iconic mountain region that you may not already know, useful for both adults and kids:

• Snowy Mountains: Tallest range in Australia • Mt Kosciuszko: Australia's highest peak at 2,228m • Pronunciation: "ko-shoos-ko" • Part of the Great Dividing Range • Top 5 tallest Australian mountains in Snowy Mountains • Mainland Australia's only alpine region, popular for skiing and winter sports


  • Heaviest months for snowfall in the Snowy Mountains are June, July and the first half of August
  • The mountain was given its name in 1840 by Polish explorer Edmund Strzlecki after the name of a famous Polish historical figure
  • The area has long been immortalised in Aussie folklore as the setting for famous poet A.B "Banjo" Patterson's epic, the Man from Snowy River
  • A brief gold rush occurred in the mid-1800's, which caused a sudden increase in the Snowy Mountains' population
  • Extremely popular snow fields and resorts such as Thredbo and Perisher are located within the Snowy Mountains region, and thus tourism is its main industry
In addition, if you're looking for all the best things to do in the Snowy Mountains region including tours, activities and more, be sure to visit our region page for information on horse riding, hiking, skiing and numerous other activities!

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