The Hinkler Hall of Aviation

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The Hinkler Hall of Aviation

What you can expect

A truly impressive celebration of the life of one of Australia’s most significant figures in aviation and a true asset to Bundaberg in general, the **Hinkler Hall of Aviation** brings the story and accomplishments of acclaimed aviator Bert Hinkler to life in wonderful fashion. Housed in a modern, slick building comprised of glass and steel which stands in direct contrast to many of its historic contents, the museum resides within the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens and can thus be combined with the gardens themselves for a few hours worth of natural and historic entertainment. The attraction is home to a diverse mixture of historic artefacts and memorabilia from Hinkler’s life and era, as well as a blend of modern multimedia exhibits and even a flight simulator at which visitors can try their hand. There’s a high degree of interactivity to the displays here that help “make learning fun” for kids attending, highlighted by the chance to sit inside a replica model of Hinkler’s historic aircraft. Staff at the museum also go a long way to making a visit here more enjoyable, as their combination of passion and enthusiasm for the subject means they’re always willing to explain things more extensively to both adults and kids alike. Lying adjacent to the modernity of the museum, visitors can find Hinkler’s original house itself replete with era-specific furnishings largely untouched from his day. Even if you’ve no real interest in the subject of aviation or Hinkler himself, the Hinkler Hall of Aviation is still well worth a visit as it represents great value for money given both the quality and quantity of info-tainment on offer for a very reasonable price.


What you need to know

  • Open daily 9:00am to 3:00pm
  • Operated by the Bundaberg Regional Council
  • Great cafe located in its botanic gardens
  • Wheelchair accessible and with wheelchair toilets
Excellent chronicle of a famous aviator
Building itself is a wonderful design
Mixture of historic artefacts & modern curation
A must-visit when in Bundaberg
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