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Big Brother is Back

Watch it Live in the Big Brother House at Dreamworld

Looking for all the best tours, attractions and other things to do on the Gold Coast?

Big Brother is back—and you can soon be watching it! The popular television series is returning and, with a new house, new housemates and new host, it promises to be spicier than ever. The popular Gold Coast theme park, Dreamworld, is once again going to be the home to Big Brother Australia and will soon be inviting anyone in town to join the audience.

During its former run, the programme and its unique structure achieved such high ratings and was so widely talked about that it has been hailed as the ‘mother’ of all reality shows, a show that changed the face of Australian television. After four years of being off the air, Big Brother is returning and is being reborn.

For those who did not follow the past seasons, Big Brother is a reality television show set in a house in which several (up to 16) young and eccentric participants live together. Over the course of about three months, these quirky characters get to know each other and, without fail, some personalities match, others clash and conflicts and controversies ensue.

There are cameras on the housemates 24 hours a day and an audience observes their behaviours at all times. Among this group is Big Brother, who pipes us and delivers important message to the housemates when needed; his messages, beginning with, “This is Big Brother…” bellows through the house.

To make matters even more interesting, throughout the season, the housemates vote each other out in Eviction Shows, which are led by the show’s host; the end goal is to be the last remaining person in the Big Brother house.

Scheduled to be on the air on the Nine Network later this year, Big Brother Australia 2012 is currently setting up for production. According to Southern Star Entertainment and Nine, the revived programme promises to bring with it a bold new attitude.

The new season is introducing a new host, new housemates, a new house and plenty of new twists. Southern Star Executive Producer, Big Brother 2012, Alex Mavroidakis said about the house currently being built on Dreamworld’s grounds: “We’re excited to build a brand-new house that will exceed housemate and audience expectations.”

In addition to the newly designed large house, there is a new face hosting the show. From 2001 to 2007, Grethel Killeen hosted Big Brother; however, in the 2012 season, Sonia Kruger, a popular television personality known for her recent role as a co-host of Dancing with the Stars, will be taking over.

If you are a Big Brother fan or simply want to see what all the fuss is about, you will soon have the opportunity to buy tickets to the show and watch the action live in the iconic Big Brother house in Dreamworld. Sit back, relax and watch controversy strike and the claws come out!