Old St Pauls Cathedral

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Old St Pauls Cathedral

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One of the finest examples of 19th century Gothic architecture still standing in New Zealand, Old St. Paul’s Cathedral was opened all the way back in 1866 and has been a long-standing icon in the city. While it’s no longer functioning as a parish church, it makes for an essential spot to visit on any Wellington itinerary for those who have a fondness for architecture. When viewed from the outside, 'quaint' would probably be the best word to describe Old St. Paul’s. It has a relatively unassuming white wooden facade, however upon stepping inside it’s easy to see why it remains such a popular local attraction to this day. Intricately crafted timber woodwork intermingles with incredible, multi-coloured windows of stained glass that are both still in remarkably good condition. The warm and peaceful atmosphere inside is palpable and doesn’t require any particular level of spirituality or religious worship to appreciate. Carved English oak features throughout and is just one of six different kinds of timber used in its construction, all of which have been extremely well preserved and maintained. Old St. Paul’s Cathedral is rich with history and there are always knowledgeable volunteers on hand who will go into detail about the building and its history, and serve as great ambassadors for the church as a whole. The church also pays its respect to American soldiers who made their way across the Pacific to aid in the defence of New Zealand during World War II, with a 48-starred flag of the USA displayed on the church’s nave, which can make for an unexpected yet intriguing story to hear firsthand. Just a few minutes’ stroll from the CBD and located near Wellington’s Parliament buildings, while you may only need to spend a short amount of time here, that’s all it will take to gain an appreciation for the man-made beauty of Old St. Paul’s Cathedral.


What you need to know

  • Opening Hours
  • Daily (temporarily closed Christmas Day & Good Friday)
  • 10am-3pm daily Admission
  • Entry by donation
  • Group bookings are essential Tours
  • Guided tours available
  • $7.50 per person
  • Bookings required
Impressive architecture
Rich history
Icon of the city
Guided tours available
Open daily
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