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Want to know more about Sydney weather and climate?

By Mel · Sep 2023 · 4 min read
Find out when to pack the bikinis and when to whip out the brolly! Whatever the weather, the forecast is always good days in Sydney.

Sydney's status as Australia's largest city spread out over a fairly wide area means that there is some variation in temperature and climate from the coastal suburbs compared to those located furthest out to the West.

Sydney's climate is temperate meaning that you can expect warm Summers coupled with Cool winters, with neither experiencing too great an extreme to be uncomfortable (in an average year). Heatwaves have become a semi-regular occurrence over the years, with water restrictions often put in place for conservation purposes, and bush fires occasionally flaring up in the driest parts of the region. Overall, Sydney's climate is very moderate and generally comfortable, allowing its huge range of sights and attractions to be visited year-round.

Temperatures and rainfall

As stated above, Sydney's temperatures are quite different when comparing the coastal areas with the Western suburbs; variations of 2 to 5 degrees warmer in the West compared to the coast are not uncommon. The yearly average maximum temperature for Sydney as a whole is approximately 21.7°C (71.1°F), with the minimum average of 13.8°C (56.8°F) reinforcing the general comfort level the climate provides.

Rain is spread fairly evenly throughout the year in Sydney, with June being the wettest month and September the driest. Sydney averages around 14 days of rainfall each month throughout the year.



Summers in Sydney are quite hot, but not exceptionally so, and have seen an increase in temperatures over recent years, with heat waves and droughts becoming more common. Warm, sunny days make for ideal visits to some of Sydney's iconic beaches such as Bondi and Manly, although they are prone to overcrowding due to the high level of popularity for both swimmers and sunbathers.

A hot Christmas period is soon followed by a popular Summer occurrence, the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, which starts in Sydney Harbour. Bushfires have been known to occur in periods of high temperatures and strong winds, which may inhibit some outdoor activities such as bushwalking, although the harbour area in which the majority of tourist attractions are located is far from the locations where these generally occur.


The cooler-yet-still-warm conditions of Autumn combine with sunny skies to make it a great time to visit Sydney; couple this with the fact that it is generally less busy than the Summer holiday months and the benefits to travellers are clear. Accommodation prices are usually also lower as well, however the weather will still be fine for the beaches and the harbour is as hospitable and glimmering as ever.

Autumn also makes a great time to visit Sydney's large variety of gardens, parks and other nature-based attractions as the temperature and wind conditions are conducive to walking tours - you won't sweat, but you won't freeze either.


While Sydney does not receive snow, Winters are generally quite cool with conditions averaging a brisk 8 degrees celsius at nights; however, the days remain pleasant and the amount of rainfall is low, making for clear and bright sunny days.

Opportunities for those interested in Winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding etc. are available if you are willing to travel a few hours to the nearby snow fields - be prepared to book in advance however, as these resorts and fields are extremely popular during this period, especially with international tourists from the Northern hemisphere flocking to experience a second shot at Winter.


Sydney's wide range of botanic gardens, parks and natural thoroughfares really come out to shine during the Spring season as the conditions graduate from cool to warm as time approaches the middle to the end of the season.

Spring is both drier and sunnier than the Summer, with lower humidity and less rainfall meaning that the season is often targeted as the period in which to hold festivals, concerts and other major outdoor conventions. The weather is usually very pleasant and sunny, and kicks off the beach-going and watersport season leading back into Summer.

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