Mangapohue Natural Bridge Walk

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Mangapohue Natural Bridge Walk

What you can expect

Reached with a drive from Waitomo Village to Marokopa, Mangapohue Natural Bridge is an incredible, natural highlight in the region. The bridge is made up of two rock arches with a luscious gorge underneath, which is where the walking trail passes through. Rising 17 metres high, the limestone arches are all that are left of an ancient cave system that inhabited the area many years ago. The walking trail under the bridge is a short 700 metre loop taking around 20 minutes to complete, making this an ideal journey for all ages to enjoy. The walking trail also travels through farmland and to a collection of fossilised oysters that are believed to be around 25 million years old. The trail is also marked with signs making for an easy and relaxing journey on the loop track.


What you need to know

  • Walking Trail
  • 700 metre loop
  • 20 minutes to complete
  • Dogs not allowed
Scenic walking trail
Ancient rock formations
Limstone rock formations
Million year old oyster fossils
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