Sulphur Bay

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Sulphur Bay

What you can expect

A free way to experience Rotorua's famed geothermal activity, Sulphur Bay is located at the southern end of Lake Rotorua. Reached easily by foot along a walkway beginning at Motutara Point and travelling around past the Government Gardens and Polynesian Spa, Sulphur Bay is the perfect example of the region's geothermal environment. With boiling mud pools, steam vents, silica flats and sulpher ledges this is a great substitute for those looking to see geothermal activity without a price tag. The area is also a popular spot for various bird species, so avid bird watchers will be in their element here. Be sure to bring your camera as you enjoy a stroll along Lake Rotorua to reach this popular, free tourist attraction.


What you need to know

  • Opening Hours
  • Year round
  • Best during the day
  • Night visits not recommended
Geothermal activity
Bird watching
Free attraction
Close to downtown Rotorua
Relaxing walking/cycling trail
Quick adventure
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