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Every ride of Dreamworld, Gold Coast

By Juliette & Travis · April 2024 · 11 min read

If you’re heading to Dreamworld soon or curious to see what the fuss is about, you’re in the right place. We’ve got insight into every Dreamworld rides in Goldie, from thrill seekers to kiddo-rides.

And we’ve partnered with our local theme park expert and photographer, Travis (@ozthrills on IG), who lives and breathes coasters. You’ll find out some fun facts about Dreamworld, like how they’ve got the tallest ride in the southern hemisphere. So hold on tight, you’re in for a ride with this!

By the end, you’ll find there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a family, a bunch of mates or with your partner. So pre-book now to score $10 off gate price.

Here’s our breakdown of each Dreamworld ride (yes, all of them):

The Thrillers

The Giant Drop

At 119m, The Giant Drop is Dreamworld’s tallest, and arguably most terrifying ride. Being the tallest ride in the southern hemisphere, it may not be best suited for those afraid of heights! It also offers some fantastic views of The Gold Coast Hinterland and The Gold Coast Coastline. Plus, if you're riding during winter season around 4-5pm, you may even catch a stunning sunset! (Image credit: @ozthrills)


Steel Taipan

Steel Taipan is Dreamworld’s main coaster and headline attraction. Despite being Dreamworld’s tallest and fastest roller coaster, it is suited to all ages. Riders experience a “swing launch” (forwards, backwards and then forwards again) before being sent upside down 4 times. For an additional charge, riders can experience “Tailwhip” - a 360-spinning car at the rear of the train. Only if you dare! (Image credit: @ozthrills)


Serpent Slayer

While it’s not the tallest or fastest ride, Serpent Slayer is likely the most intense ride at Dreamworld. While running its “Wild Style” ride mode Serpent Slayer flips riders over and over, reaching forces of up to 3.8G-force (in other words, it’s intense)! If that sounds like a bit much, the “Mild Style” mode offers a much more relaxing ride, with slower spinning and no full flips. With 2 different queues for either mode, the choice is yours. (Image credit: @ozthrills)



Tailspin allows riders to spin their ride seat at will, offering a level of interactivity few rides can match. By mastering the technique of spinning the planes, riders are able to perform as many as 40 or 50 flips, or if you’d prefer you can just glide around aimlessly too. So it’s really up to you how thrilling you want to get. (Image credit: @ozthrills)


The Claw

As one of the most popular rides of the past 2 decades, The Claw is thrilling for riders of all ages. It nearly goes upside down, getting very close at 120°! The Claw is a perfect place to start for the young ones who want to take on their first “big kid” ride! (Image credit: @ozthrills)


The Dreamworld Flyer

The Dreamworld Flyer makes a splash as Dreamworld’s latest addition (with more coming!) and the centrepiece of the entrance plaza. It’s very family friendly allowing for riders 105cm and up to ride with an adult in the double seats, and riders 120cm to fly solo. (Image credit: @ozthrills)


Sky Voyager

Sky Voyager takes riders on an adventure all over our beautiful country with it’s embedded 4D features. Filled with scenes of some of Australia’s most beautiful places, this modern technology attraction is a fun one for sure. Fun fact: This rides is the Southern Hemisphere’s first flying theatre.



Although they’re not technically roller coasters, “Disk-O Coasters'' like Shockwave are a fun one to hop on for those who are seeking a more ‘tame’ thrill... Hitting speeds up to 54 km/h and spinning at 12 rpm, Shockwave is a great, mildly thrilling ride. (Image credit: @ozthrills)



If you were hoping to ride a thrilling roller coaster but have a serious fear of heights, Motocoaster does it all with a max height of just 7 metres! No loops or big drops to worry about, Motocoaster should be fun for pretty much everyone. (Image credit: @ozthrills)


The Gold Coaster

The Gold Coaster is the last of Australia’s “classic” steel roller coasters in operation. Originally designed and built for Luna Park Sydney, these days The Gold Coaster’s unique design weaves through the adjacent WhiteWater World. Like all classic coasters, some parts of the ride can be a little bumpy, however riding the even-numbered rows closer to the front of the train can remedy this! (Image credit: @ozthrills)


Kennys Forest Flyer

Kennys Forest Flyer is perfect for those who aren’t quite ready for Steel Taipan. Although still quite a thrilling roller coaster, it’s max height of 14.9m and top speed of 41.8km/h is much more manageable for the youngsters! (Image credit: @ozthrills)


Now for the little ones:

Amidst the array of heart-pounding rides and rollercoasters, Kenny & Belinda’s Dreamland boasts a delightful selection of smaller attractions tailored specifically for the little ones, however, all need to be accompanied by an adult including:

Belinda’s Tree House

An interactive play area filled with thousands of squidgy balls!

Big Red Boat Coaster

A new one for the kids. The Wiggles-themed roller coaster for extra young thrill seekers. (Image credit: @ozthrills)

Big Red Planes

A light spinning ride where riders get to control the height of their vehicle. A fun interaction for the kids.

Bananas in Pyjamas Carousel

A simple carousel, themed to one of the greatest and iconic Aussie children’s TV shows ever!


Sit back and relax, as this family-friendly attraction makes you lay down and ride with a go round style mini coaster.

Deep Sea Dodgems

Some fun healthy competition with the classic bumper cars with an underwater theme. And check the early signs of how your little ones drive (ha!).

Play School Wheel

A mini Ferris wheel where riders can sing along to their favourite ABC kids songs! Karaoke anyone?

Other hot tips!

Beating The Crowds

Whilst some rides are typically more popular than others, understanding ride capacity often plays the biggest part in beating crowds. The Dreamworld Flyer is the first ride guests are met with upon entering the park, and CAN be a great first stop. However it does have the capacity for 64 simultaneous riders, 8x more than each side of The Giant Drop, which is where you should start your day if you’re looking to avoid long lines. Likewise, The Claw & Shockwave both have big capacities and are very close to the entrance of the park, so these can be saved for later in the day.

Night Market

On Friday & Saturday evenings, the park gets overrun by local food trucks as it hosts the Dreamworld Night Market. Night Market entry $2 or FREE for kids and Annual Passholders. The Dreamworld Flyer & Deep Sea Dodgems both operate during Night Market.

Dreamworld Exhibition Centre

Located near The Gold Coaster & Tailspin, The Dreamworld Exhibition Centre often plays host to a range of additional events at no extra cost. This includes performances by The Wiggles, 3x3 Basketball and Wrestling in recent times. Keep an eye on Dreamworld’s socials to find out what events are coming to The Dreamworld Exhibition Centre.

Visiting during off-peak

As you’d expect, the quietest time to visit Dreamworld is on weekdays during school terms. This obviously comes with a few small trade offs, as the off-peak times are when theme parks close rides to do maintenance. You can check which rides are scheduled for maintenance by visiting the Dreamworld website.

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