Palm Cove Beach

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Palm Cove Beach

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Queensland’s Palm Cove Beach has been awarded a string of titles for its cleanliness and friendly atmosphere thanks to the locals. This popular beach isn't surrounded by high-rises or bombarded with advertisements, providing visitors with a relaxing day surrounded by natural beauty. The local community spirit is what keeps this beach in such great condition with volunteer clean up days held on a regular basis. Palm Cove Beach is surrounded by lush rainforest and friendly wildlife and is where the rainforest meets the beach, providing ample amount of shade to lounge under. There are crocodile warning signs in the area so it is important to stay out of the rivers and billabongs. The same goes for stingers, swimmers are urged to swim in the netted area to avoid being stung in the open water during stinger season which is usually in the summer months. This beach is not a surf beach due to the large coral population off the mainland, but there is a range of activities for visitors to enjoy including beach volleyball and cricket, kayaking, jet skis and fishing. Even if swimming or beach activities aren’t for you, the beauty and serenity of Palm Cove Beach is a must-see! Palm Cove Beach is one of the main attractions in this small area, so you can easily spend a whole day lazing on the beach for a relaxing day in paradise.


What you need to know

  • Getting There
  • Located 25 minutes north of Cairns
  • Accessed via car of the Cook Highway
  • Bus charters leave on the hour from Cairns train station Safety
  • Swim inside the enclosures for safety
  • Volunteer Surf Life Savers are on duty
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Beautiful scenery
Great free location
Popular attraction
Relaxing and calming atmosphere
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