Tangalooma Wrecks

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Tangalooma Wrecks

What you can expect

Explore the rusting wrecks of a collection of ships just off the shore of Moreton Island. Tangalooma Wrecks is made up of fifteen large vessels that were deliberately sunk off the bay to aid local fisherman and their smaller boats. The ships were sunk to create a break wall in the area many years ago and over time have come to be known as amazing snorkel and dive sites. The clear waters gives swimmers, snorkellers and divers great visibility of the coral formations and various marine species that hang around the area. You’ll find a range of marine life including wobbegongs sharks, giant trevally, kingfish as well as many different colourful tropical fish. If you're not wanting to snorkel or dive, you can walk along the beach for great views of the 15 rusty ships.


What you need to know

  • Safety
  • Swimmers take care as the current is strong
  • If pushed by the current don’t swim against it
  • Don’t climb the wrecks
Great snorkel and dive site
Range of marine life
Ships purposely sunk in 1963
Short distance from the beach
Popular tourist attraction
Great photo opportunities
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