The Homer Tunnel

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The Homer Tunnel

What you can expect

Since 1953 the Homer Tunnel has been leading people to the beautiful Milford Sound from Te Anau. Stretching around 1.2 kilometres in length, the one way tunnel is often a highlight of the road trip through this part of Southland. Travelling for a few minutes in total blackness, young kids seem to always get a thrill out of the tunnel. The tunnel journeys through the Darran Mountain Range and as a result is surrounding by some natural beauty. With traffic lights on either side ushering cars through at intervals, road trippers can enjoy the views of the giant rock wall on one side as water trickles down the side as well as having the chance to see some local wildlife. The tunnel took 19 years to complete and is now the sole road leading to the stunning Milford Sound.


What you need to know

  • Tunnel Details
  • 1.2 kilometres long
  • Pitch black
  • One lane wide
  • Traffic lights at each end
Scenic drive
1.2 km tunnel
19 year construction
Opened since the 1950s
Exciting for the kids
Iconic tunnel
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