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Melbourne itineraries - what you need to know

By Chloe · 05/09/2023 · 5 min read

You’ve probably got a whole lot of eating on the agenda. Let us help you sort out the rest of the trip.

The cosmopolitan capital city of Victoria, Melbourne is a metropolis that consists of an emphasis on culture, art, and great food with many memorable and unique things to do for both first time visitors and locals alike. It's a city that can be enjoyed over the course of both short and long stays, although prioritising what you're looking to do in such a diverse city can often be a difficult task.

With both its large physical area and huge array of options for activities and attractions to visit, forming an itinerary for a short trip to Melbourne can sometimes seem daunting, especially for those who are short on time and strictly looking for the best value for money. Due to frequent questions and requests from our customers, we at Experience Oz have put together some suggested itineraries for Melbourne holidays for stays of lengths of 2, 3, 4 and 5 days in order to help the first-time visitor form an efficient sightseeing plan to ensure no essential sight or stone is left unturned and your time in Melbourne is maximised to the fullest!

Day 1

Explore the city

Melbourne is a city that is widely renowned for its gardens, history, culture, character and European-style charm, and a city tour is the best way to see all of the essentials of the capital with maximum efficiency to ensure no time is wasted. Melbourne is a city that is widely renowned for its gardens, history, culture, character and European-style charm, and a city tour is the best way to see all of the essentials of the capital with maximum efficiency to ensure no time is wasted.

Shop on Bourke Street Mall

If you're looking to do a little retail therapy during your visit to the Victorian capital, head to Bourke Street Mall in the CBD. Home to a variety of renowned retail shops and boutiques, you'll find everything from high-end and current fashion to beauty and more. Suggested Post: Melbourne Shopping Guide The best part about the mall is that the shopping doesn't stop on the strip. There are a number of malls and arcades splitting off from the main mall area, which offer the chance to do some more shopping and dining in the comfort of an undercover centre. The mall and its off-shooting arcades and centres can be reached easily on foot from a number of different accommodation options in the city and its surrounding regions, or with a ride on the free tram (within the city zone).

Day 2

Take a trip to the Great Ocean Road

One of the world's most scenic and dramatic drives, the Great Ocean Road in Victoria is an amazing stretch of coastline that is a must-see while in the region. A tour will take you to see the highlights of this spectacular track that offers some great geographic and wildlife photo opportunities.

As the destination is located a fair distance from the Melbourne CBD, be prepared for a long day on the road in the coach. The day tours tend to depart the city relatively early in the morning to allow for enough time in the region before having to turn back and begin the journey back to Melbourne. However, if you're not eager to rush your visit you can spend the night with a two-day tour or drive yourself and book a nights' accommodation at one of the surrounding towns, the choice is yours. Suggested Post: Top 10 Things to do in Melbourne Depending on which tour you book yourself on to will depend on what's included, however, the majority of tours include lunch for the day as you're travelling with the group for the entirety of the day.

Day 3

Enjoy a Melbourne River Cruise

Melbourne's Yarra River provides the perfect destination for a river cruise that will let you enjoy the views of some of the city's famous landmarks from its lovely waters. See the iconic Botanic Gardens, River Gardens and Dockland or experience a cruise at night to experience the river by moonlight while enjoying a delicious dinner in comfort and privacy.

You can choose from a range of cruise options including a lunch and dinner cruise or just a normal sightseeing cruise. Seeing the beautiful city of Melbourne from the water will surely enhance your sightseeing experience while also providing you with a relaxing and enjoyable day out.

Day 4

Go on a Sports Tour

Melbourne is a city steeped in sporting history and culture and therefore has numerous fields, stadiums, racetracks and courts that have born witness to some of Australia's most spectacular athletic feats, rivalries and matches.

As the birthplace of Aussie Rules Football and the site of such famous venues as the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Rod Laver Arena and Flemington Racecourse, a sports tour of Melbourne will let you get a behind-the-scenes look at these world class sporting venues.

You'll visit famous sights including the MCG and Rod Laver Arena as well as the National Sports Museum to see memorabilia and learn about the city and the country's history and love of sport.

Day 5

Rise up Melbourne Skydeck

Within Melbourne city itself are two highly popular destinations for visitors that showcase some of the best of what the city has to offer. The Melbourne Skydeck, located on the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower, is the highest viewing platform in the entire southern hemisphere and offers great views of the entire city and beyond.

At the top of the almost 300-metre building you have the option to purchase an additional experience, the Edge Experience. This optional extra will take you out in a 3-metre glass box fixed to the side of the building. In a cube of glass, you'll be treated to incredible views above, below and around.

There's also a kiosk and souvenir photo stand at the top of the deck as well as a gift shop back down the bottom, so you'll be able to grab a keepsake to commemorate your visit to Eureka Skydeck.

Visit SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium, Melbourne Zoo or Werribee Open Range Zoo

Once back down at ground level, head to SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium to discover the amazing range of creatures from a variety of seascapes including the depths of Antarctica, Rivers, Reefs and the weird and wonderful that live further down below the ocean's surface.

If you're after an above-ground animal experience then Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo are your two best options. Melbourne Zoo is located in close proximity to the city and can be easily reached with a relatively short tram ride. The zoo is home to a range of animals including monkeys, gorillas, tigers and more!

Heading further out of the city, Werribee Open Range Zoo is just that, an open-air sanctuary for animals. Modelled off the African Savana, you can embark on a safari around the grounds to see giraffes, zebras, hippos relaxing in their habitat. On foot, you can follow the various different themed trails around the park to see koalas and emus, lions, meerkats, cheetahs, gorillas and more.

Getting to Werribee Open Range Zoo is a little more difficult if you don't have access to your own car. You can purchase a ticket on the zoo's shuttle, or you can catch a train and then a bus to get to the zoo.

Either way, an animal experience while in Melbourne is a definite must-do. With numerous options and each suitable to a range of ages, if you're up for the challenge you could visit all three during your visit to the Victorian capital.

Things To Do In Melbourne

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