State Cinema Hobart

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State Cinema Hobart

What you can expect

Hobart’s State Cinema is an iconic venue that has been entertaining audiences for over 100 years and is still going strong to this day. The place to go if you’re after a dose of enjoyable culture and the chance to view the type of films you simply won’t find in mainstream cinemas, the building itself is almost as much of a star as its offerings that can be found within. It’s a lovely, art-deco style facade that belies the culture to be encountered inside, with its own sophisticated book shop and cafe providing the perfect pre-or-post viewing relaxation for visitors attending a show. The State Cinema boasts an intimate feel, with each of its theatres only seating a small number of people in plush, comfortable chairs that give the viewing experience a much more engaging atmosphere than can be found elsewhere. Decor used throughout is also suitably quirky, soft yet modern, and intelligently laid out with a sense of warmth and spacing that add to the overall “snug” feeling of the cinema. Located on the northern end of Hobart’s main restaurant strip, it’s a great way to package together a complete evening with a meal followed by a stroll down to the State Cinema for a bit of drama-or-comedy-infused fun.


What you need to know

  • Open 7 days per week
  • Can bring alcohol inside
Long-running icon of Hobart
Lovely old-world Art Deco atmosphere
Bookstore, cafe and bar inside
Rooftop viewings in warmer months
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