Great Ocean Walk

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Great Ocean Walk

What you can expect

With its incredible examples of dramatic coastal scenery, rocky cliff faces and vast stretches of open beach, what may be one of the world's most beautiful drives in the Great Ocean Road also makes for one of Australia's most essential walks. Spread out over the course of just over 100km, the combination of some of Australia's tallest coastal cliffs, the remnants of various historical shipwrecks and expansive stretches of uninhabited beach on the ostensible "Great Ocean Walk" make for a trek that provides a new highlight seemingly around every corner. The walk lasts for 8 days when done fully, from the starting point of Apollo Bay to the end of the track at Glenample Homestead where the iconic formations of the 12 Apostles come into view and serve as a major reward for completing the journey. The hike consists of a lot of beach walking - much of which is on hard sand making for slightly easier going - with 7 designated campsites spread throughout the track that serve as marker points for the end of each day. Of course, the Great Ocean Walk can be broken up into more manageable individual sections, as well, with some great little walks including Apollo Bay to Shelley Beach (4 hours), Parker Inlet to Aire River (5 hours), and Ryan's Den to Devil's Kitchen (6 hours), among others. The Great Ocean Road may be Great, but the Great Ocean Walk provides a number of vantage points that views from a car simply can't offer.


What you need to know

  • Click the following link for our full guide to the ([Great Ocean Walk]
  • Takes 8 days to complete in full
  • Multiple guided tour operators available for extra convenience
Incredible example of rugged coastal beauty
Can be done as guided or self-guided walk
Excellent mix of coastal & inland scenery
Easy to moderate walk for all ages
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