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Looking for all the best value Dreamworld passes for the biggest theme park on the Gold Coast? Check out our range of Dreamworld tickets including single-day entry, season passes and other value combos that allow YOU to get the best value for money during your visit to this ride-filled world of fun. In addition to its popular, large roller coasters and thrill rides, Dreamworld has continually expanded over the years to add animal attractions, dedicated kids rides and shows, and a ton of other entertainment to make for a full day of different kinds of entertainment.

Simply browse the range of available Dreamworld passes below - these are continually updated and changing to provide the best deal. These tickets are also completely mobile-friendly, so there's no printer needed; simply buy your pass online, and it will be instantly delivered to your phone for entry to Dreamworld.

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Ultimate Dreamworld Guide

Since its opening back in 1981, Dreamworld has long held the title of the Gold Coast's largest theme park, and remains to this day home to the highest quantity of rides of all the Gold Coast's parks. While it's traditionally more of a ride-focused theme park, Dreamworld has continually made an effort to add to its non-ride offerings over the years, and now offers more diversity including animal attractions and encounters, kids play areas, and live entertainment.

As a whole, Dreamworld remains the “go-to” theme park for those who have rides as their #1 priority, with its signature “Big 9” Thrill Rides offering some of the most unique and high-octane experiences of any such attraction in Australia.

In our detailed Dreamworld guide below, we outline all the information you'll ever need for a complete and satisfying day at this ever-popular Gold Coast theme park.

Which Dreamworld Pass is Best for Me?

While seasonal offerings may vary, choosing the “best” Dreamworld pass basically comes down to making the decision between a 1 Week/7 Day pass, and the current iteration of the “Unlimited” pass which typically grants anywhere from 6 months to 1 year's worth of access to Dreamworld (as well as WhiteWater World, and the SkyPoint Observation Deck in Surfers Paradise).

Pricing for these passes is generally fairly close, however sales and discounts on Dreamworld passes pop up fairly regularly, and as a result your choice will likely depend on:

  • A) Current pricing deals on offer, and
  • B) Whether you're a local wanting to visit multiple times, or a visitor from elsewhere only wanting to visit each park once

As a result, the “general rule” is: locals should buy the Unlimited pass for the best value (the more you visit, the better value it is), while visitors will want to buy the 7 Day pass.

While Dreamworld does offer single day entry tickets to both Dreamworld & WhiteWater World, most visitors choose at least a 7 Day pass due to closeness in pricing and the ability to visit multiple times.

Do I have to print my Dreamworld voucher?

No. While it's better to print a physical voucher in case of technical issues (such as your phone battery dying), Dreamworld now accepts e-Tickets which you can show on your mobile phone or tablet when presenting at the entry gate. No printer needed!

Dreamworld Fast Track / Skip the Line – your options

While Dreamworld does not have a traditional “fast track” or “VIP” ride queuing option, they do offer a technologically-involved “virtual ride queueing system” named Ride Express.

This system allows you to queue for rides you'd like to go on without physically standing in line; done either via a Q-Mobile system on your phone, or via a physically-purchased Q-Bot device in the part, you'll be able to hold a virtual spot in a queue and be notified of when your ride is ready, and hop on accordingly.

This convenience comes at a cost, however, with three levels to choose from: Gold ($95 per person, grants up to 90% faster ride queue times), Silver ($55 per person, grants up to 50% faster ride queue times), and Bronze ($30 per person, allows you the benefit of holding a place in queue without physically being there, but does not speed up the waiting time).

Obviously, your return on money invested for these will depend entirely on your level of patience and how busy the park is; as a general rule, it's only worth spending on during absolute peak periods such as a school holidays.

Upgrades & Optional Experiences

Wildlife Experiences:

Tiger Feeding: this experience is available 3 days a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) and allows purchasers to get up close to the big cats and learn about the tigers from Dreamworld's dedicated handlers. You'll feed a tiger through their cage, and receive a souvenir photo of the experience. Price: $55 per person.

Tiger Walk: available 5 days a week (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sun), this 1 hour experience allows up to four people to join handlers during their walk around the park before Dreamworld opens. It includes multiple souvenir photos, including two framed photos of the experience. Price: $695 for up to four people.

Croc Feeding: this 1-hour experience is available 3 days per week (Tues, Thurs, Sun) and allows participants to pole-feed one of Dreamworld's crocodiles while also learning about the crocs from the park's handlers. You'll also receive a framed photo of the experience. Price: $69 per person.

Sunset Safari: this 1.5 hour group tour through Dreamworld's wildlife attractions and behind-the-scenes care and preparation areas allows you to meet multiple staff of the park, learn about its various creatures, and enjoy a light meal along the way. The Sunset Safari is only available during the July school holiday period. Price: $29 per person.

Dingo Experience: a 20 minute experience for up to 5 people that allows visitors to have a close-up encounter with the iconic Aussie animals, as well as a briefing with the handler. Available 4 days per week (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat) and includes a souvenir photo of the experience. Price: $25 per person.

Dreamworld Tickets Refund Policy

Theme park tickets – including Dreamworld passes – are non-refundable, so be sure you're committed when making your purchase.

If booking an additional experience (such as an animal encounter), you may be entitled to a refund under certain circumstances such as weather or the health of the animals.

As a general rule: once you've paid for it, the money is spent.

Getting to Dreamworld

By Car: Dreamworld and WhiteWater World sit next to each other and are the furthest of the Gold Coast theme parks from Surfers Paradise, and takes roughly 25 minutes by car (dependent on traffic). To access Dreamworld / WhiteWater World, turn onto the Pacific Highway from Southport and take Exit #54; Dreamworld sits on the opposite side of the highway and signage indicates the direction to Dreamworld with the Dreamworld logo.

By Bus: Gold Coast operator Surfside Buslines runs regular services which stop at Dreamworld and run from as far south as Tweed Heads. Bus routes TX1, TX2 and TX3 all run to Dreamworld, and the ride takes approximately 40 minutes from Surfers Paradise. Tickets cost $8.60 for this journey for adults. For times, visit our Gold Coast Bus Timetables page here.

By Train: Dreamworld sits close to Coomera Station on the south-east QLD rail line. Travellers both from the Gold Coast who are staying slightly inland and from Brisbane can take the train to Coomera Station and then take a connecting bus to Dreamworld.

By Transfer: Direct transfers to Dreamworld are available for those not wishing to deal with public transport, and prices may work out cheaper depending on your departure point. Transfers take less time and can offer door-to-door service. To book transfers online, visit our theme park transfers section.

Dreamworld Parking

Parking your car at Dreamworld is free of charge, and the theme park's car park is expansive enough to deal with a high volume of cars even during peak seasons.

Dreamworld Food Policy

Unlike the other theme parks, Dreamworld is fairly accommodating when it comes to bringing food inside.

Visitors are permitted to bring in non-commercially-prepared food to Dreamworld such as sandwiches, fruit and bottled water, however they frown upon the likes of packets of chips, fast food, or other store-bought options.

Dreamworld Gift Shops & Stores

ABC Kids World Shop: your go-to store for all things ABC and character related, including the network's most popular kids icons such as the Bananas in Pajamas, Peppa Pig, Thomas the Tank Engine, the Wiggles and more.

Between the Flags: an ideal stop for sunny or hot summer days, here you can grab all the outdoor clothing and protection essentials including hats, thongs, and other beach and water related gear.

Buzzsaw General Store: a western-themed merchandise store selling relevant clothes and other goodies related to the Buzzsaw ride in Dreamworld's Gold Rush area.

Bunya Traders: your go-to Dreamworld gift shop for all things “Aussie” themed, from Australian flags and stuffed koalas to other retro souvenirs of Aussie past and present.

Candy Nut & Fudge: a haven for the sweet-tooth in your Dreamworld party, this store lives up to its name with an extensive range and mixture of chocolate and nut-related goodies for purchase.

Fairytale Treasures: ideal for kids (or cosplay aficionados), this store offers outfits and extra props following popular fantasy themes such as witches, wizards, princesses and other such whimsical characters.

Flowrider Shop: stocks all the latest surf fashion and accessories such as shirts, hats, board shorts and more from well-known surf brands.

Koala Borobi Photos: those wanting to pose with one of Australia's most famous wildlife icons can cuddle up with a koala here for souvenir koala photos to take home – ideal for those visiting Australia from overseas.

Kodak Express: the hub for ride photos and general photographic equipment such as film and developing in Dreamworld; you can pick up your ride and portrait photos here.

Lego Store: one of the newest additions to Dreamworld's range of stores, the LEGO Store ties into the newly-launched LEGO section of Dreamworld and offers a huge range of LEGO toy sets as well as a number of life-size models that the kids will love.

Madagascar Cargo Hold: themed around the Madagascar animated movie franchise, and contains merchandise with all your favourite characters from the films including Julien, Skipper, Melman, Alex and more.

Main Street Emporium: a large gift shop that sells Dreamworld-related items and themed gear from hats, to mugs, to keyrings and more.

Motocoaster Pit Stop Shop: where you'll go to pick up your ride photos from the Mick Doohan's Motocoaster ride. Also sells general souvenirs.

Ready Teddy Go: pose for photos in front of a screen, and then have it digitally populated with characters from one of ABC's most popular shows for kids.

Shrek's Treats: Shrek-themed foods/snacks and general themed items relating to the popular animated movie series.

Surf Central: another hub of surf-brand clothing, containing an extensive array of gear from popular international brands.

Tiger Bazaar: Tiger Island's gift shop contains all-things-tiger, with tiger-y toys, clothing and other miscellaneous merchandise oriented around the big cats.

Tower of Terror II Shop: collect your Tower of Terror ride photos, and purchase general clothing related to adrenaline and high-speed themes.

Trackside: a gift store little boys will love, devoted to the Hot Wheels toy car brand.

Dreamworld Locker, Photo and other Fees

Locker fees: While Dreamworld offers “holding areas” for most rides where you can leave your small items and other gear, dedicated lockers can be hired for added storage space for an extra $10 per day.

Photo fees: Photos at Dreamworld come in a variety of packages and options. Visitors have the option of purchasing a $50 USB stick which they can have digital versions of their ride photos on after riding.

Individual ride photos typically cost $16 for the photo itself, or $20 for a framed version of the photo.

Dreamworld Food Options

Dreamworld BYO Food Policy: see our section above.

Dreamworld offers a range of different restaurants covering a number of different cuisine types and pricing levels. Be prepared to pay a premium for park-bought food which, as with every theme park, is higher than a similar item bought outside the park.

Billabong Buffet Restaurant: buffet-style restaurant with an Aussie Outback theme. A good option for those with a decent level of hunger looking to get their value's worth.

Boost Juice: the famous fruit juice chain offers a range of ingredients and blends from which to get a shot of energy or refreshment.

Candy Nut & Fudge: sweets, chocolates and all-things-tooth-rotting for those who love their lollies.

Churros: a tasty, sweet filler as the latin-style answer to the humble donut comes with a number of different accompanying sauce flavour choices.

Dough Bros. Pizzeria: everyone's favourite Italian dish is served in a range of toppings and sizes, making for an adaptable meal.

Green Bean Coffee Co.: caffeine addicts can get their daily hit in both hot and cold forms at this stylishly-designed coffee dispensary.

Grid Burgers & Sports Bar: this expansive “burger barn” follows a motorsports motif and provides a mixture of burgers, sliders, beer, wings, and other bites on which to feast.

Hot Dog Cart: simple yet effective: grab a hot dog or a drink for some quick energy to keep your day at the park flowing smoothly.

Ice Cream Parlour: a retro-style ice cream parlour harking back to the earlier days of the 20th century that offers a wide range of scooped ice cream flavours, shakes and other sweet goods.

Island Noodle Hut: serving Asian cuisine with a mixture of stir-fry, noodle dishes and other exotic mixes from the Far East.

The Parkway Patisserie & Grill: an all-day dining option with some great variety in its food offerings served straight off the grill.

Presto's Training Cafe: a good cross-section of food and drink types that allows aspiring hospitality students to garner experiences and provides you with a reduced price in return.

The Sandwich Shop: a healthier food option for those attending Dreamworld, choose from a number of ready-made sandwiches, rolls, sushi and other easy and quick menu items.

Disability / Pram / Stroller hire & accessibility

Prams/Stroller hire: Dreamworld offers strollers for hire for $15 per day each.

Wheelchair hire: wheelchairs can be hired from Dreamworld for $4 per day each.

Disabled access: Dreamworld offers ample signed reserved disabled parking for those with an appropriate Disability Parking Permit

Visitors requiring wheelchair use or with intellectual or visual disabilities are entitled to a discounted entry rate

Carers equipped with a verified Companion Card are allowed to enter free of charge with a companion ticket to provide support during their visit

Dreamworld Thrill Rides

Known as the “Big 9” Thrill Rides, these are Dreamworld's signature attractions and offer thrills covering a range of adrenaline levels and ride types, including both “flat rides” and a number of rollercoasters.


Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 130cm; Maximum: 200cm

About the ride: An intense rollercoaster with its signature large saw decoration, the Buzzsaw stretches over a length of 150m and is sure to get the adrenaline pumping. Taking out the unofficial title of the ‘highest inversion ride experience in the Southern Hemisphere' this 24-seat ride features a 360-degree roll and 90-degree drop. This ride isn't a great choice for those with a weak stomach, it's advised you watch the ride go before deciding if you want to tackle it.

Hot Wheels Side Winder

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 120cm; Maximum: 200cm

About the ride: Re-branded to fit the popular Hot Wheels toy brand, this roller coaster reaches a height of 40 metres above ground and combines thrilling drops and loops; you'll feel a little dizzy come the end of the ride. The six carriage, 24 seater coaster follows itsHot Wheels theme by having carts which resemble open-air cars.

The Giant Drop

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 120cm; Maximum: 200cm

Perhaps the pants-wettingest ride Dreamworld has to offer for those skittish with heights, the Giant Drop is likely the first ride you'll see on your drive towards the theme park. Lifting you 119 metres into the air with your legs dangling and hands clinching tight on the harness, you'll be left dangling at the top of this iconic ride for an anticipatory amount of time, mentally counting down the seconds in your head before the plummet.

While at the top you'll be treated to sweeping views of the greater Gold Coast region, which is a great way to take your mind off what is going to happen at a moments notice. Come time to drop (without warning) you'll enjoy (or possibly despise) the 5-second free fall back down to the ground. The Giant Drop is located on the back of the Tower of Terror II ride, so you can easily knock out two of the Big 9 Thrill Rides in no time.

Mick Doohan's Motocoaster

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 110cm; Maximum: 200cm

Feel like a first-class motorbike racer as you climb onto the coloured, proportionate motorbikes (500c Moto GP Race Bike replicas) and embark on a hide speed journey around the track. The 605-metre track includes elevations and a total of eight sharp corners all while strapped in with a back harness. Riders reaching a height of 110cm are allowed to ride in the sidecars – there are two per grid.


Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 120cm; Maximum: 200cm

Located within the Kung Fu Panda themed part of the park, the Pandamonium offers a less extreme version and an incredible extreme version on the one ride. Catering for both types of riders, the ‘not-so crazy' line will put on the carriages that spin and swing on a calmer rotation than its counterpart. Those looking for thrill should join the queue for the ‘seriously crazy' carts which will throw you in circles, side to side and upside down reaching a height of up to 8 metres. The ride only lasts for 150 seconds so before you know it, it'll be over and you'll be lining up again.

Tail Spin

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 130cm; Maximum: 200cm

Climb into the individual ‘planes' and prepare to embark on the ride of your choosing. With control of the wings that allow you to spin from side-to-side and in a complete circle, you can tilt as much or as little as you want. Seating 12 people per ride and ascending and descending to heights of up to 22 metres throughout the ride.

The Claw

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 120cm; Maximum: 200cm

One of the theme park's most iconic rides, The Claw swings like a pendulum while also spinning in a full circle and reaching speeds of up to 64 kph. Your view changes throughout the ride, you could be looking up to the blue sky or looking down to the ground (which is a long way down) so prepare yourself for a thrilling yet scenic adventure.

Tower of Terror II

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 120cm; Maximum: 200cm

The second generation Tower of Terror replaced the original 1997 instalment in 2010 and since then it has been a speeding success. The track – elevated up to 5 metres from the ground – follows an L-shape with a straight horizontal run before speeding directly towards the sky. Seating 14 people in three rows of four and 2 seats at the back, this is a great ride to share with friends. If you can, sit in the front row as the thrill of going front on into the sky is an experience unlike any other.

Wipe Out

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 120cm; Maximum: 200cm

Another of the theme park's most recognisable, and long standing thrill rides, WipeOut is a surfing-themed adventure filled with twists and turns. Flinging the double rows of riders back and forth towards the shark circling below, you'll be screaming out of excitement and terror. This ride is one of the most extreme at Dreamworld and is for the faint hearted, watch on before hand but be warned, it looks tamer than it is.

Dreamworld Family Rides

Dreamworld Express

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 120cm; Maximum: 200cm

Travel around the theme park in style with a ride on the Dreamworld Express train. Perfect for all ages this is a great way to explore the park without tiring out the young ones!

Escape from Madagascar

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 110cm; Maximum: 195cm

A fun ride to suit the fun Madacascar theme, this is a light-hearted and exciting ride for all ages. Following the storyline of the four Madagascar penguins; Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private, as they aid the Madagascan chimps to escape the island. The rollercoaster seats riders in pairs and is connected at the top which means your legs can dangle loosely.

Rocky Hollow Log Ride

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 110cm; Maximum: 195cm

This is another one of Dreamworld's iconic rides and seating four people per log, you can see what all the fuss is about. Enjoy the journey up along the water tracks before zooming down the ramp and getting a face full of water. This ride is suitable for children over the age of 1 year, however an adult must accompany kids under the age of 4 years on the ride. Be warned, you will get quite wet on this ride so wear clothes and shoes you won't mind getting a little damp.

Gingy's Glider

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 110cm; Maximum: 195cm

Fashioned off the popular Shrek character, Gingy the Gingerbread Man, this ride is perfect for adults and kids alike. Lying down on paired carriages, you'll be lifted up to soar through the air. This is a relatively tame ride and the lying down aspect makes it a stand out from the other rides available in the theme park.

MAD Jungle Jam

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 110cm; Maximum: 195cm

The perfect attraction for the whole family to enjoy, the MAD Jungle Jam will let you, the kids and the Madagascan chimps run a muck with the plush balls, air cannons, foam fountains and rope bridges spread out around the area. There aren't any height restrictions for this attractions and it's always a hit with the young ones.


Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 120cm; Maximum: 200cm

With an undersea, hydro-energy plant theme, this ride seats 24 people in a circle before powering up and beginning the exciting ride. Once the ride has kicked into gear you'll be lifted into the air, dropped and spun around for a thrilling journey. Riders are seated facing the outside of the ring with the back harness securing them in place. Riders, please not that for some, the harness may be quite uncomfortable.

Skadoosh Bumper Cars

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 100cm; Maximum: 200cm

Likened to the popular side show ride at the local show, the Skadoosh Bumper Cars will let the whole family get behind the wheel – yes, even the kids. With a marketplace theme with bright dragon cars, you can wheeve your way around the floor showing off your driving skills. Children between 100cm and 120cm are allowed to enjoy the ride from the passenger seat and are required to be accompanied by an adult.

Vintage Cars

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 120cm; Maximum: 200cm

Feel the thrill of driving your very own vintage car every weekend at Dreamworld. Each car seats up to 4 people, making it the perfect family adventure, and if the kids are tall enough, their very first driving lesson. Kids must be over 120cm to drive the car however kids of all heights and ages can be passengers. This attraction does not operate anytime during the week.

Dreamworld Kids Rides (and Activities)

Big Red Boat Ride

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 92cm; Maximum: 200cm

One of The Wiggles' themed rides in the park, jump in the Big Red Boat for an exciting and wiggly adventure.

Big Red Car Ride

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 92cm; Maximum: 200cm

Jump inside the Big Red Car just like The Wiggles do and get ready for a fun, sing-a-long adventure into the Wigglehouse. While in the house you'll se crowd favourites Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus and Dorothy the Dinosaur. The carts seat up to 6 people.

Dorothy's Rosy Tea Cup Ride

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 95cm; Maximum: 200cm

Join Dorothy at her tea part with a ride inside the Rosy Tea Cups. Playing some of the best Wiggles songs, enjoy the twists and turns of the cups that can comfortably seat up to three people. Children under the age of four are to be accompanied by an adult.

Hop and Hoot

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 100cm; Maximum: 200cm

Themed around Giggle and Hoot, the young ones can enjoy a ride with the Hoot and Hootabelle. This is a tame, kid-friendly version of the Giant Drop that is part of the Big 9 Thrill Ride family.

Shrek's Ogre-Go-Round

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 100cm; Maximum: 200cm

Age restrictions: Over 1 years, kids under 4 to be accompanied by adult

Choose from an onion carriage, royal horse or Donkey himself to ride around the Ogre-Go-Round.

Puss In Boots Sword Swing

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 110cm; Maximum: 200cm

A kid-friendly take on the traditional chain, chair swings, this Puss In Boots themed ride will sping riders around for a fun and exciting adventure.

ABC Kids World Fun Spot

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 110cm; Maximum: 200cm

This is an activity centre open for all kids to enjoy. Parents can sit and relax on the tables and chairs outside the play pen while kids play comfortably and safely play together.

Bananas in Pyjamas Fun Maze

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 110cm; Maximum: 200cm

Age restrictions: Children up to 5 years

The perfect play area for kids up to the age of 5 who can comfortably play in the Bananas in Pyjamas themed maze without bigger kids taking over.

Giggle and Hoot Pirate Ship

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 110cm; Maximum: 200cm

Watch on from the rest area as the kinds sail on the high seas with Hoot, Hootabelle and Pirate Hootbeard.

Dronkey Flyers

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 110cm; Maximum: 200cm

Themed around the popular offspring from the movie Shrek, you can enjoy a merry-go-round ride on the back of a half dragon and half donkey otherwise known as a dronkey. The ride is suitable for children aged above 1 year, with those under 4 to be accompanied by an adult.

Play School Art Room

Thrill rating: 5/5

Height restrictions: Minimum: 110cm; Maximum: 200cm

Let their creativity run wild in the Play School Art Room complete with comfy bean backs and the Play School and ABC KIDS applications to entertain.

Dreamworld - Other Attractions

ABC Kids World

Height restrictions: Minimum: 110cm; Maximum: 200cm

The ultimate destination for the young ones, ABC Kids World brings you all of the network's most loved shows to life with The Wiggles, Giggle & Hoot, Bananas in Pyjamas and Play School all present at various times throughout the day. When the characters aren't roaming around the grounds the kids can enjoy the various rides mentioned above.

Dreamworld Corroboree

Height restrictions: Minimum: 110cm; Maximum: 200cm

An experience unique to Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, Dreamworld Corroboree is the ultimate indigenous Australian experience to celebrate this rich culture. Corroborree will teach you about traditional Aboriginal stories, animal exhibits and weapon, fire and music making displays.

DreamWorks Experience

Height restrictions: Minimum: 110cm; Maximum: 200cm

The only place in Australia where you can see all of your favourite DreamWorks Animation movies come to life and play with some of your favourite, larger-than-life size characters. Featuring Madagascar Madness, Shrek's Faire Faire Away and Kung Fu Panda: Land of Awesomeness, the young ones will love spending time at Dreamworld's DreamWorks Experience.

Motorsports Experience

Height restrictions: Minimum: 110cm; Maximum: 200cm

Housing an impressive collection of legendary Peter Brock's racing cars, this interactive exhibit is what any car enthusiasts' dreams are made of. With simulators allowing visitors to get behind the virtual wheel, you can inspect all of the different vehicles in the display from a 1971 HDT Torana XU2 to a 2004 Targa Monaro Black.

Tiger Island

Height restrictions: Minimum: 110cm; Maximum: 200cm

One of the most iconic experiences in Dreamworld, Tiger Island is home to the adorable cubs and adult tigers. The island holds presentations as well as up close experiences to walk, feed or have your photos taken with these incredible creatures.