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National Wool Museum Geelong

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While its name may not initially sound like the most interesting of attractions, the National Wool Museum is in fact one of Geelong's must-visit sites, and doubles as one of the city's best rainy day activities to boot. Housed in a former wool store in central Geelong and established to coincide with the bicentennial celebration of Australia's federation back in 1988, the National Wool Museum showcases the evolution in wool processing and manufacturing practices over the years. With exhibits that date back to the earliest days in Australia and their relatively primitive techniques which were used at the time, it's a fascinating insight into the influence of the wool industry on Aussie society. The museum contains a wide variety of both artefacts and wool-based artworks, as well as instruments of wool production - such as its large centrepiece weaving loom that's over 100 years old yet still produces rugs to this day. In addition, while there's a definite emphasis on wool, the museum serves as more of an overall historic attraction than its name lets on. It contains several frozen-in-time historical rooms complete with era-accurate furniture and decor; there's plenty of chances for kids to interact with a number of the exhibits; and it also hosts a number of temporary exhibitions covering a range of different historical subjects throughout the year. Volunteer guides who are passionate and do a great job keeping things entertaining certainly add to the experience, while some great items are available in the gift shop that are derived from wool in some form - think clothes, scarves, rugs and other-things-woollen. The National Wool Museum is an enjoyable spot to while away a couple of hours, and a great starting point for any first-time visitor to Geelong.


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  • Open 9:30am to 5:00pm Mon-Fri, 10:00am to 5:00pm Sat-Sun
  • Located centrally near the Geelong waterfront
  • Entry fees: $9/Adult, $5/Child, $7 Concession current as of November 2016
Great, hands-on museum
Well priced given level of curation
One of Geelong's best rainy day activities
Excellent job of catering to children
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