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Little Creatures Brewery

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Domestic beer production has come a long way in recent years, with one of the biggest and tastiest success stories in this vein being the Little Creatures brand which originated in Fremantle around the turn of the century. Those wanting to try a drop or two from the source can pay a visit to the Fremantle brewery, which is an attraction unto itself, and a favourite hangout for many locals. The venue is massive, featuring unique, rustic decor with a distinctly upbeat atmosphere that manages to be both modern and yet somehow old world, and it's perched in a great location with views of the water. The brewery is almost continually crowded due to its popularity, and offers an excellent variety of beer with its pale ale remaining the major card-carrier for the brand. The Little Creatures Brewery features a bar and brewhouse section as well as a main restaurant for more involved dining, however those looking for a reasonable priced affair can simply enjoy it as a great value spot for a beer-and-pizza combo meal. Tours of the brewery are held regularly throughout the week, and offer both a guided look at the equipment and processes themselves as well as tastings. There are also good play facilities for children (including a large sandpit easily visible for parents) so that families can attend guilt-free; as a result, it's a worthy itinerary item for all visitors to Fremantle and a wonderful introduction to true Australian craft beer (forget the Fosters) for international visitors in particular.


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