Army Museum of Western Australia

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Army Museum of Western Australia

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This comprehensive tribute to Western Australia's involvement in over a century worth of conflicts is one of Fremantle's best overall attractions, with its high degree of authenticity a major reason why. From being staffed by war veterans to showcasing unaltered tanks and trucks to providing some often-somber insight into the tribulations of those involved in the wars, the scope covered in the Army Museum of Western Australia is staggering. Located within a former artillery barracks, the old, red-brick facade with its number of large guns and tank outside make for a great indication of what you'll encounter within - there are an incredible array of artefacts including weapons, maps, medals, uniforms, and other military documents covering the period from pre-World War I up to modern conflicts. Many of its displays are quite moving, and even graphic in some instances, but this is necessary to convey the harrowing nature of war and to educate visitors on its horrors - hopefully with the goal of avoiding it at all costs in future. Exhibits are laid out in chronological order and cover both live combat situations as well as Prisoner of War living conditions, with an emphasis put on storytelling on each. Visitors can experience what it's like to be inside a bunker - popular with older children - and those wanting further insight can join a guided tour for some great detail and firsthand information from one of the museum's highly knowledgeable guides who are as much of an attraction as the exhibits themselves. With limited operating hours, bookings a day or so prior are a must - but well worth the effort.


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  • Children $7
  • Seniors $7
  • Adults $10
  • Family $20
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