Lake Wabby

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Lake Wabby

What you can expect

The only lake of its kind on Fraser Island, Lake Wabby is a natural phenomenon home to a range of different fish species. Known as a window lake (formed from low ground levels falling below the water table) and a barrage lake (when sand blow blocks natural spring waters), this lake has it all. The contrasting colours of the large white sand dune and the green water make this lake unlike any other. The sand dune moves slowly into the lake every year and it is believed that over a century the dunes will eventually swallow the lake and remove any trace of it. The lake is located approximately 2.5 kilometres from the beach with some uphill climbs, but once you’re there, it is all worth it.


What you need to know

  • Getting There
  • Walk approx. 2.5 km from beach (moderate - high fitness level)
  • 4WD on inland roads
Green coloured lake
Natural phenomenon
Unique lake
Popular swimming hole
Great photo opportunities
Steep sand dune
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