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Because one incredible experience is never enough!

Introducing Experience More, our rewards program for our amazing customers that give you immediate savings on your next experience. There's no drawn-out redemption process; for every purchase you make on Experience Oz or our partner site Gift It Now, you'll automatically receive points direct to your account worth real monetary value.

It's as Simple as

Earn Points & Save Money

Spend $1 dollar, earn 2 Experience Points - it's that easy. You'll get two Experience Points for every dollar spent on Experience Oz or Gift It Now, and be able to redeem those points for real cash value for use on skydiving, reef trips, hot air ballooning, wine tours and much more all over Australia and New Zealand for yourself - or gift vouchers for friends or family, that are ideal for any special occasion.

Earn double points on specific products

Keep an eye out on each Experience's product page; there's an icon telling you exactly how many points you'll earn per experience booked. Some experiences will reward anywhere from 2 all the way up to 5 Experience Points per dollar spent - making them even better value than before! This is all in addition to the majority of our experiences being best-price-online, and adds on top of existing Hot Deals and other unique value adds exclusive to Experience Oz & Gift It Now.'

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You'll also gain access to special, points-only experiences, passes and other deals that can only be purchased with Experience Points as a further "thank you" to all of our loyal customers. Stay tuned, as the following actions will also reward more points in future...

Signing up and subscribing
X points
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Coming soon!
Submitting an experience video
(max. 1 per experience) X points
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Coming soon!
Reviewing an experience
(max. 1 per experience) X points
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Coming soon!
Referring a friend to sign up
(friend needs to create an account) X points
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Submitting an experience photo
(max. 1 per experience) X points
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Sharing our brand on social
(max. 1 per user) X points
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Experience Points FAQ:

Want to know how Experience Points works and how you can use them? No worries - we answer some common questions below.

  • Q: What are "Experience Points"?

    A: Experience Points are the rewards we give you for booking with Experience Oz or Gift It Now - with every purchase, you'll earn a relative amount of points based on the total price of your booking for use on future purchases. '

  • Q: When will I start earning Experience Points from my purchases?

    A: Once you have created an Experience Oz or Gift It Now account, you'll start earning points immediately from your most recent purchase. If you're a first-time customer, you'll automatically have an account created and not have to do a thing!

  • Q: How can I see how many points I currently have?

    A: Sign In to your user account in the top navigation bar, then click on your user icon and go to "My Account". Your current Experience Points balance will be displayed on the left.

  • Q: How much money are Experience Points worth?

    A: 100 Experience Points are equal to $1 of real-world Aussie dollars.

  • Q: What can I use my points towards?

    A: Experience Points are valid for use on our entire range of experiences and gift vouchers across Australia and New Zealand. Cruises, scenic flights, theme parks, day tours, weekend activities and more - you're welcome to use them on any experience or gift that you wish. Stay tuned, as we'll be adding more options such as dining, movie tickets and other cool stuff in the near future!

  • Q: How long are my Experience Points valid for?

    A: Your points will not expire - as long as you have an active Experience Oz / Gift It Now account, you are free to store them for use at any time in the future.

  • Q: I used a coupon code but did not receive all my rewards points - what gives?

    A: Please note that, as companies have to make a profit, the number of Experience Points issued are calculated based on the discounted price after applying a coupon code, not the total standard retail price.

  • Q: I bought an experience but didn't receive any Experience Points - help!'

    A: If you've completed a purchase but did not receive any points applied to your account, this may be an error - please email our customer service team at enquiry@experienceoz.com.au, call us on 1300 935 532, or chat to our team via our Live Chat widget at the bottom of your screen.

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