Turquoise Bay

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Turquoise Bay

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One of the most beautiful and popular beaches in the whole of Western Australia, Turquoise Bay offers visitors pristine swimming and snorkelling. With the waters projecting gorgeous shades of turquoise and blue, you'll be speechless from the moment you set eyes on this beach. There is an abundance of marine life that call the bay home including Butterfly fish, blue spotted ribbon-tail rays, bright blue starfish, green sea turtles, and reef sharks. One of the bay's major highlights is the drift snorkel. If you make your way up around 300 metres south from the drift snorkel carpark and enter the water, you can be safely pushed with the current north along the vibrant reef clusters. If you have an underwater camera make sure you bring it as the moments you can capture under the surface will make the memory of this visit all the more enjoyable.


What you need to know

Additional Information
  • __Turquoise Bay Drift__
  • Begins 300 metres south of 'Drift Snorkel' carpark
  • Current pushes you north
  • See a wide range of corals and marine life
  • Suitable for a swimmers with at least an average swimming and snorkelling ability
Breathtakingly beautiful bay
Relaxing beach
Vibrant marine life
Popular snorkelling spot
Scenic snorkel trail
Incredible underwater photo opportunities
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