The Nut Stanley

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The Nut Stanley

What you can expect

The Nut is one of Tassie's most unusual and unique natural icons. The small yet picturesque town of Stanley in Tasmania’s northwest is charming if unremarkable in its own right, however it’s its prominent neighbouring natural feature that makes the surrounding landscape a standout from the norm. That’s largely because there’s the massive, 152 metre-high remnant of an extinct volcano which looms over its buildings – known as The Nut, the flat-topped plateau contrasts with the town itself and the adjacent sea to make for an unusual and scenic vista. Great views can be had both of The Nut when viewed from afar, and from atop its surface gazing out to the surrounding area, and as a result paying a visit to this little slice of the Southern State brings with it some truly rewarding vantage points. Ascending to the top of the Nut grants wonderful, 360 degree views of rolling greenery and the waters of the Bass Strait, and its relatively flat top is conducive to some excellent sightseeing. Visitors have the option to walk to the plateau of the Nut via its signature “Zig Zag Track”, which is a steep but rewarding little adventure; it’s only around 400 metres in length but will put the burn into your calves; be sure to wear appropriate footwear if attempting. Alternatively, those looking for an easier way up – along with some spectacular scenery along the way – can opt for the excellent Nut Chairlift which offers a more leisurely 250 metre ride to the top.


What you need to know

  • Chairlift is open from 9:30am – 5:00pm each day
Dramatic, flat-topped volcanic plateau
Chairlift available to take guests to top
Beautiful seaside location next to town
Walk to top also possible
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