North Coast Regional Botanic Garden Coffs Harbour

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North Coast Regional Botanic Garden Coffs Harbour

What you can expect

Surrounded by waterways and with a strong aquatic bent as a result, the North Coast Regional Botanic Garden is something of a hidden gem in Coffs Harbour despite its close proximity to the city CBD; if you're in search of an utterly peaceful hub of floral beauty and natural serenity - entirely free of charge - then this is the place to visit. The gardens feature a collection of extensive and well-maintained pathways that are both easy to navigate and ideal for a stroll, taking visitors on a journey through its impressive collection of plant and tree species from all over the globe. This botanic garden is bigger than one might expect given its regional status, spanning around 20 hectares of space and featuring countless plant and tree species that are all well-signed and curated. It's divided up into individual sections showcasing flora from various countries, with a handful of wonderful glass greenhouses and a particularly excellent Japanese section that emanates a peaceful vibe. Animals add an additional dash of life to the proceedings, with plenty of birds but also the chance to see a koala if you're lucky. Whether you're simply wanting to plop down and enjoy Coffs Harbour's best spot for a picnic, or more interested in exploring its lovely mangrove and river walks, all visitors can take something pleasing from a visit to this testament to the excellent work by its passionate volunteer staff. Plus, its cafe sells great food for a meal, too.


What you need to know

  • wheelchair accessible throughout
  • open 9:00am to 5:00pm daily
  • around 1.5km from the Coffs Harbour CBD
  • cafe closes at 2:30pm
Surprisingly large & beautiful botanic garden
Well-curated and signed plant and tree life
Excellent worldwide collection of flora
Extensive walking tracks ideal for a stroll
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