Clutha Mata-au River

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Clutha Mata-au River

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Stretching from its outlet at Lake Wanaka right through to the South Island’s eastern coast, Clutha Mata-au River cuts directly through Central Otago and covers an impressive 338km (just 16km shorter than Waikato River and at nearly twice the discharge volume!). With famously dry earth, the Clutha River provides a valuable source of water to the region. In fact, the river has been so entrenched in the region's history that it has inspired many artworks, sculptures, and writing throughout the years. Clutha River is also a major feature of the Clutha Gold Trail, one of New Zealand’s 23 Great Ride tracks (and one of three in Central Otago!). Known as a smooth and well-developed trail, almost two-thirds of the 72km track follows alongside the river, showing off its distinctive turquoise colour. Beyond cycling tracks, the river also features various walking tracks, cruises, and attractions such as waterfalls, small towns and ample wildlife, making the river a must-see destination for anyone travelling through Central Otago.


What you need to know

  • ###Mighty Clutha River Trail
  • Lake Wanaka Outlet to Albert Town: 2.5km
  • Albert Town to Luggate: 14.3km
  • Luggate to Devil's Nook: 1.5km
  • Devil's Nook to Maori Point: 16.5km
  • Maori Point to Cromwell: 32.1km
  • Cromwell to Bannockburn: 5km+
  • Cromwell to Clyde: 14.6kmk+
  • Clyde to Alexandra: 7.5km
  • Alexandra to Roxburgh Village: 34km
  • Roxburgh Village to Beaumont: 54km
  • Beaumont to Tuapeka Punt: 26km
  • Tuapeka Punt to Clydevale: 11km
  • Clydevale to Balclutha: 27km
Second largest river in New Zealand
Primary feature in NZ Great Rides
Beautiful walking tracks
Unique turquoise colour
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