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Looking for all the best value snorkelling tours from Cairns? Check out our hand-picked range of snorkelling day trips and witness the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef from up close! Our range of snorkelling tours head out from Cairns with some of the region's most reputable tour operators, with an emphasis on providing you with comfortable conditions and all the necessary equipment to snorkel. Those who don't feel confident diving can instead enjoy snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef and still come away with breathtaking memories of its wide array of marine life, dazzling coral, and all the other features that make it Australia's greatest natural wonder.

Snorkelling requires no prior experience of qualifications; all you'll need is a decent level of confidence in your swimming ability (and even then, floatation devices can be provided to make the act of snorkelling even easier), and you'll be set for a great day of aquatic adventure. Simply browse our range of Cairns snorkelling tours below for a number of different popular itineraries, then book instantly online today.

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