Whispering Wall

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Whispering Wall

What you can expect

The Whispering Wall of Williamstown in the Barossa Valley is a weird and wonderful example of a natural phenomena at work. Who'd have thought a simple reservoir could become a popular tourist attraction? While it's nothing particularly special to look at, the "Whispering Wall" of Barossa Reservoir's curved shape leads to voices being carried from one side of its arch to the other - where even a whisper can be heard clearly over 100 metres away. Created via a parabolic effect due to the reservoir's construction, it's a marvellous natural phenomenon that's simple in its enjoyment; even music played from a small pocket player can be heard almost crystal-clear on the other side. The reservoir is curated with information detailing the scientific aspects of its aural function as well as its construction, providing a nice little dose of "why" behind the "what". The Whispering Wall resides in Williamstown in the Barossa Valley and its located amongst a nice, natural and green area replete with clean facilities for a BBQ or picnic. Given its uniqueness, the reservoir makes for a great little side trip if touring the Barossa's wineries; simply bring some food, enjoy a picnic, and marvel at the phenomena of throwing your voice hundreds of metres away!


What you need to know

  • Real name is the Barossa Reservoir
  • Great free activity for families; kids will be amazed
Amazing "sound throwing" effect
Ability to hear whispers over 100m away
Pleasant natural surrounds
Unique attraction in all of Australia
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