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Ballarat, Victoria


History-rich and home to a number of distinctive attractions, Ballarat to the north-west of capital Melbourne is nothing if not unique. Full of heritage both in its landmarks and architecture as a result of its early development during the Australian Gold Rush period, the city is large and brimming with examples of Victorian-era buildings that remain in top condition to this day.

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Why Ballarat?


State: Victoria

Why it's special: Fascinating goldrush history and attractions; highly family-friendly; city conveniences with small-town feel; easily accessible from Melbourne

Best time to go: Spring

As a result of its strong gold mining heritage, a visit to Ballarat is akin in many ways to stepping back in time, and many history-oriented attractions that document the interesting and sometimes-tumultuous past of Ballarat to visitors can be experienced firsthand.

Travellers can travel back directly into a surprisingly all-encompassing and accurate simulation of the 1850's at iflagship attraction Sovereign Hill, which comes complete with in-character-and-costume townspeople and era-accurate buildings; view a movie while surrounded by antiquity at the historic Her Majesty's Theatre; enter an attraction straight out of the Middle Ages at Kryal Castle; or visit any of the city's number of well-curated museums and galleries for an in-depth look at history.

Within easy driving distance from Melbourne, Ballarat is an excellent choice as a day trip destination for those who have an interest in antiquity, or are looking for a well-rounded escape from the big city with plenty of family-friendly attractions.


Ballarat is technically a small city, but still brings with it a “town” feel even despite years of recent growth. While its architecture is a significant reason for its overall warm and welcoming feel, it’s not only the historic bent that Ballarat has to offer the aspiring visitor.

There’s a lot here to offer for families in particular, from quality wildlife attractions to countless playgrounds to working farms, mini golf and much more; the little ones will find no shortage of entertainment here.

Of course, it’s adults who have an inclination towards learning more about the Goldfields Region that will get the most out of a visit here, and there are a cavalcade of opportunities at which to quench your intellectual thirst. Stroll through the main street and admire the buildings, visit its excellent art gallery, visit its range of museums, and even the head office of one of Australia’s most historic banks.

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