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Auckland Travel Guide


Auckland MapNew Zealand's largest city, Auckland has a huge range of activities on offer for you - both in the city and its surrounds and in the nearby surrounding areas - to experience during your trip to a visit to the country's North Island.

Surrounded by a variety of scenic landscapes in every direction, there are multiple "must-do's" cater for people of every taste - head out for a cruise on the beautiful waters, sample some of NZ's best wines at a winery tour, or visit a nearby island for a stunning example of why New Zealand is frequently listed high on many "most scenic destination" lists made by people the world over.

If you're looking to pay a visit New Zealand's busiest and brightest spot, take a look at our detailed Auckland travel guides below for everything you'll ever need to know about this popular NZ region.


Boasting a vibrant, open harbour and iconic bridge, in many ways Auckland is "New Zealand's Sydney" in that it's a place with undeniable character and charm. But why pay a visit to Auckland over any other NZ destination? Find out here.

Top Things to Do

Whether you're after a dose of history in the city or looking to explore the lovely natural surrounds, here are the Top 10 Things to do in Auckland.


Travelling to Auckland for the first time and not how best to spend your time? Check out our detailed itineraries for stays of 2, 3, 4 and 5 days.

When to Visit

Ensure you get the most our of your visit to Auckland by visiting at the best time of the year - which we outline in detail here.

Best Restaurants

Get a dose of cuisine - NZ style - with a visit to some of the best restaurants in and around Auckland detailed here.

Where to Stay

From higher end accommodation to budget-level backpackers, Auckland offers a wide variety of places to stay. Here are our top choices.

In Pictures

A magnificent harbour full of sails, incredible natural destinations nearby - view our Auckland image gallery here.

If you're visiting the city, be sure to check out the highlights of Auckland city itself, including its famously iconic Sky Tower from which not only great views of the surrounding area can be had, but the popular SkyWalk and SkyJump activities will let you get outside the tower's glass and take the adrenaline to however high a level you'd like.

Visit wildlife parks, sail its lovely harbour, journey to nearby islands for additional adventures and wholly different landscapes from the mainland – the choice of how to get the most out of Auckland is entirely up to you. Regardless of if you want to experience the buzz of urban bustle, relax and soak in the scenery or step things up a notch and take part in some adventure activities, Auckland is the "place to be" and a gateway to experiencing what New Zealand is all about in every way possible!

For more information on Auckland's top things to do, suggested itineraries, best restaurants and accommodation and much more, simply navigate to the relevant section in our guides menu above.