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Queensland's Hervey Bay has become one of the nation's fastest growing regions in the entire country of Australia in recent years, and at a more detailed glance, it isn't hard to see why.

Located on the coast of a natural bay between the QLD mainland and the adjacent tourist hotspot Fraser Island, tourism has boomed due to the wide number of calm, smooth and beautiful beaches which surround the area. The waterways are also avenues for the annual migration periods of whales which travel past the coastline and make for amazing viewing. The fact that it is just a quick hop away from the beauty of Fraser Island has also contributed to this boom for holiday makers.

Temperatures and Rainfall

The area has a mild, subtropical climate with an average maximum temperature of 26.2° (79°F) and a mean yearly minimum of 16.6°C (62 °F), meaning that extremes of temperature are seldom reached and that most seasons are definitely "t-shirt and shorts" weather. South-East trade winds blow periodically along the coast which provide a cool breeze that helps alleviate some of the hotter days during the hotter periods of the year.


As with most similar subtropical climates, Hervey Bay's is mostly comfortably warm throughout the majority of the year. There is little variation to distinguish the seasons from one another, with the possible exception of Winter, so it is a popular playground for visitors and tourists all-year-round.


With it's hot and humid climate, Summers can be very warm and daily peaks during this time often reach over 30 degrees celsius and couple with high humidity; most accommodation facilities in the region come equipped with high quality air-conditioning units in order to compensate for this. Summer is also the wettest season, however fortunately the majority of the rainfall occurs in the late afternoons/early evenings as thunderstorms begin to roll in.

Cyclones can sometimes occur during the Summer season however due to the protection offered by Fraser Island they are rarely dangerous enough to cause any significant damage to Hervey Bay itself. The sunshine can certainly pack a punch in this area, so be sure to apply sunscreen if you are planning on spending any decent amount of time outdoors, as sunburn can still kick in even on cloudy days.


Autumn continues the warm patterns of Summer in Hervey Bay, and the locals celebrate the ideal temperatures and clear weather conditions by holding the annual Hervey Bay Autumn Fair every year during the Autumn months as it is a great time to be outdoors! As the season that provides perhaps the optimal balance between warm days and lack of rainfall, beach going is extremely popular throughout this period in Hervey Bay, being the peak time for day and adventure tours.

Trips across to Fraser Island during this time make for an ideal activity as the island can be seen in all its shimmering beauty - without the high humidity levels of Summer to put a damper on it.


Winters in general remain quite pleasant during the day due to the continuous sunshine, and they also provide Hervey Bay's driest season meaning most days out will be suitable for outdoor activities. However, the temperature tends to fall a lot from the daily peak to night time minimum, so packing adequate clothing if traveling to the area during this time may prove to be a good idea.

Winter in Hervey Bay also marks the commencement of the whale watching season, which generally lasts each year from July to November, when they begin their migration away from the area. Tours for whale watching during this time are extremely popular, so be sure to book well in advance if you don't want to miss out on the chance to see these huge, majestic creatures up close.


Spring tends to mirror Autumn in Hervey Bay in a lot of ways; lower humidity, little rainfall and warm yet not unseasonably hot weather combine to make it a joy to visit during this time. The average temperatures in Spring hover around 26 degrees celsius which is also reflected in the warm water temperatures, providing a great time to enjoy the many fabulous beaches that the area has on display.

Watersports such as swimming, kayaking, sailing, and windsurfing witness a boom during this time, however due to Hervey Bay's beaches being of the "smooth, calm" variety, they are not really conducive to going for a surf as the waves can often be few and far between.

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