Tours in and around Kangaroo Island

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Looking for the best value tours to stunning Kangaroo Island, SA? Check out our options for single and multi-day trips to "KI" here. As one of Australia's most impressive and diverse natural wildlife hotspot - along with being host to a wide number of additional culinary and family attractions - Kangaroo Island is a true must-visit in South Australia.

Blanketed by protected national parks, dotted with stretches of rugged coastline and pocketed with gorgeous white sandy beaches home to Fur Seals and more, it's a true adventure playground just off the coast of Adelaide. With a Kangaroo Island tour, you'll have the option of a compressed single day trip, or be able to extend your visit to a more comprehensive multi-day journey - an option that comes highly recommended given the sheer scale of things to see and do on KI.

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