Alligator Gorge

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Alligator Gorge

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For a bushwalk that serves as a quintessential slice of the fiery, rugged and beautiful terrain of the Southern Flinders Ranges, Alligator Gorge within the Mount Remarkable National Park makes for a highly scenic such example. Involving a roughly 2km walking loop which follows the gorge that has been cut by water over the raw passage of time, the Alligator Gorge track provides enchanting views of the characteristically red rock walls of the greater Flinders Ranges region as well as a splash of colour provided by native wildflowers, orchids and various other flora that are particularly prominent during the spring months. The gorge's bright ochre cliffs of Alligator Gorge are dotted with patches of greenery and bring to mind some of the landscapes of the National Parks of the Northern Territory such as Kakadu, with the bubbling flow of the creek adding an additional layer of tranquility to the meandering walk. Trees along the way include towering native pines, gum trees and shrubbery which help break up the scenery of largely quartzite cliff walls. Facilities such as toilets, picnic facilities and barbecues are also available along the way. Alligator gorge lies 10km south of Wilmington.


What you need to know

  • 10km south of Wilmington
  • BBQ, toilets, picnic tables available
Scenic yet easy walk through the wilderness
High, red gorge walls a wonderful sight
Best walked during Spring due to wildflowers
Follow the creek bed for a tranquil walk
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