The Top Things to do in Bendigo

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Looking for all the best things to do in Bendigo, Victoria? Established as a result of the Australian gold rush period, yet standing the test of time to become one of our country’s most noteworthy regional centres, Bendigo mixes together the historic with the natural into a single visually delightful package. The city has successfully continued to incorporate modern enhancements alongside its old-world backbone to create a truly cool and varied Victorian travel destination.

Bendigo intermingles the old with the new quite unlike the majority of other destinations in Australia; few spots in the country offer such a blend of modern convenience with a dose of the historic. The most obvious initial feature for any first-time visitor to the city is its abundance of wonderful Victorian architecture that forms the backbone of much of its cityscape – particularly the stretch along Pall Mall which doubles as the city’s oldest street – and its mixture of churches, fountains and general grand buildings forms something of a living museum that’s great for both history and photography enthusiasts.