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Student Rewards Program

Access to tourism attractions and activities at a discounted rate.

Student Rewards Program (SRP)

The SRP grants students access to a range of attractions and activities at a discounted rate.

For a limited time, Experience Oz, along with educational facilities across Australia, is offering the SRP to reward students for their efforts. Experience Oz is one of Australia's top travel sites and offers over 3000 products, including day tours, cruises, activities, theme parks, dinner shows, attractions and more, available throughout all of Australia and New Zealand. Our sister site, Gift It Now, is an online shop for unique gifts, including gift vouchers for a variety of experiences and a range of quality gift hampers.

By making all of these exciting experiences and gifts more accessible through discounted rates, SRP aims to reward students for their academic efforts and to promote fulfilling and balanced lives while studying.

Check out our detailed information below to decide whether the Student Rewards Program is likely to be of interest, and fill out the form if you'd like us to get in touch with you directly.


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Program Details

The Experience Oz Student Rewards Program offers students a 10% discount...

... on all of the products in both Experience Oz's and Gift It Now's online catalogues of tours, attractions, activities, theme parks and more. This discount is in addition to the student rate many of these products already offer.

On Experience Oz, students can choose from a diverse range of experiences in any of the popular tourist destinations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Through our Student Rewards Program, they can save on entry to the Gold Coast's theme parks, on a harbour cruise in Sydney, on a winery tour in Melbourne and on a Maori cultural show in New Zealand, among over 3000 other options. Students are able to save on and enjoy the attractions and activities that appeal to them close to their school as well as in other cities they may visit.

On Gift It Now, students have access to and save 10% on an extensive range of memorable gifts, including a variety of gift certificates for experiences across all of Australia and a selection of impressive gift baskets.

Students can save on gift vouchers and send their siblings in Brisbane on the Story Bridge Climb or send Mum in Adelaideon a Five Course Progressive Luncheon - or perhaps send a professor to the skies in a hot air balloon in attempts of scoring a higher grade? We kid.

Benefits of the SRP?

Students are typically an active bunch, full of energy and keen to get out and explore - particularly the increasingly large percentage from abroad who are studying in Australia. However, many of them are operating on tight budgets as the costs of independence and everything that entails can add up quite quickly.

The Student Rewards Program allows them to gain exclusive discounted rates on a huge range of products in all of the major centres - the majority of which are located near universities and other tertiary educational facilities - and make the most of their free time by exploring the outdoors, visiting top attractions, and taking in everything else that makes Australia such an amazing place.

With our Student Rewards Program, students can:

Get Discounted Rates

Save a flat 10% off the base student rate ticket/booking prices (typically already cheaper than adults) for our entire catalogue of tours/attractions across Australia & NZ.

Stack Discounts

This 10% is cumulative on top of already-existing "hot deals" which provide the lowest prices for things to do on the Internet.

Receive Facebook Benefits

Students can also get additional savings off these prices by becoming fans of our Facebook page, and also get updates on flash sales and detailed travel advice on all the most popular places around Australia & NZ.

Interested in the SRP?

If you're a University who's interested in the SRP, getting started is simple (and FREE!). Simply complete the form below and send the email, then one of our Experience Oz team members will create and send you your discount codes, which your students then enter on Experience Oz's and Gift It Now's check out pages to receive their savings.


If you require assistance or have any other enquiries, please contact Ayla Anker (Account Manager) at