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Browse a range of Sydney's best dinner cruises and book online for a wonderful combination of nighttime sightseeing and amazing food here! Our Sydney Harbour dinner cruises allow you to sail past Sydney's many iconic landmarks at their best and brightest, as the likes of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House shine at night.

From early bird sunset dinner cruises that include canapes and a wonderful early evening atmosphere to multi-course a la carte dinner cruises with set menus, to great-value buffet cruise options where you can eat to your heart's content - they're all here, and they're all available for instant booking online.

Whether you're a first-time visitor to Sydney wanting to enjoy one of the city's most incredible dining experiences, or a local looking to celebrate a special occasion on the water, you'll be able to find a dinner cruise option that best suits you here. Simply browse our range of Sydney dinner cruises below, click, book, and enjoy!

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About Sydney Dinner Cruises

Sydney's size and popularity - as well as that of iconic waterway Sydney Harbour - has lead to a wide range of tour operators who offer an extensive range of dinner cruise itineraries covering different dining options and budget levels. The majority of these cruises depart from transportation hub Circular Quay on the Sydney Harbour foreshore, which can be easily accessed via public transport (both train and bus).

As a result, your choice of which Sydney dinner cruise is the best for you largely comes down to what you're looking for in an experience, and how much you're looking to spend. We outline some of the different cruise types and most popular operators for dinner cruises in Sydney below.

Types of Sydney Dinner Cruises - Which cruise is best for me?

The available dinner cruises on Sydney Harbour typically fall into three main categories: those that depart slightly earlier ("Sunset" cruises), those with all-you-can eat menus ("Buffet" cruises), and those with set a-la-carte dinner menus (standard "Dinner" cruises).

  • Sunset cruises: In many ways, sunset dinner cruises offer the best of both worlds in that you'll get inspiring views of all of Sydney Harbour's icons both with the clarity of sunshine and under the cover of darkness. For those for whom pure scenery is the main aim (and who don't mind eating slightly earlier), they main in fact be the best overall option as far as balance is concerned.

    Sydney Sunset Dinner Cruise

    Both Captain Cook Cruises (spacious, modern vessel) and Sydney Harbour Tall Ships (atmospheric, 1800's-style timber tall ship) offer sunset dinner cruise itineraries that allow you to benefit from this earlier departure time. Captain Cook's sunset cruise departs at 5:00pm and runs for 1.5 hours, while Tall Ships' offering leaves at 5:30pm with a run time of 2 hours before returning to shore.
  • Buffet cruises: Want to ensure you leave with a satisfied stomach during your Sydney dinner cruise? A buffet itinerary option may just do the trick. Allowing multiple return trips to stock up ensures you'll be able to enjoy a diversity of food while taking in all of Sydney's sights. Local operator Magistic Cruises offer a great value 3 hour buffet dinner cruises aboard their large catamaran, with nice variety in dishes including a mixture of fish, pasta, meat, noodles, rice and vegetarian dishes/salads.

    Sydney Buffet Dinner Cruise

    Magistic's buffet cruise departs a 7:00pm, returning at 10:00pm which allows for a solid block time time for taking in the spectacular nighttime harbour views and treating yourself to as much food as you see fit. Vagabond Cruises meanwhile augment their buffet cruise's dining and sightseeing fare with a lively Latin dance performance that are big on audience engagement that runs for a length 4 hours, departing at 7:30pm.
  • A la Carte Dinner Cruises: Those seeking a more standard dining experience on their dinner cruise will have the greatest amount of choice when booking their Sydney evening on the water. Each of the available a la carte dinner cruises from each operator has a slightly different offering to help differentiate themselves, too. Captain Cook Cruises provide both 3 and 6 course (degustation) dining options for those after a more traditional "restaurant on the water" atmosphere, with the latter coming paired with wines to compliment its courses. These cruises depart at 7pm and run for 2.5 hours and offer time for dancing and music as well.

    Sydney Dinner Cruise

    For those wanting things a little more lively, Sydney Showboats offer a "dinner and show" cruise with more of a focus on live entertainment as well as simply sightseeing. Sydney Showboats' offering is a 3 hour dinner cruise with a 3 course dinner that comes with a 1 hour cabaret performance on its large central stage areal; this cruise departs from 7:00pm.