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Tasmanian Devil Feature

Prince the Tassie Devil

| Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, TAS


Animal Name: Prince

Animal Species: Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus harrisii)

Name of Zoo/Wildlife Attraction: Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, Brighton, Tasmania

About: Tucked away at the edge of the world, Tasmania still hosts tracts of wilderness left largely untouched by human development and so offers a last refuge for a number of species that are now extinct everywhere else. These include the Tasmanian Devil, and this baby devil is 'Prince' was born at Tasmania's Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary as part of the captive-bred 'Insurance Population' which helps to safeguard the species against the threat of extinction.


Prince is one of multiple animals being raised at Tasmania's Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary which sits roughly 30 minutes' drive to the north of capital city Hobart. Serving as a haven for Tasmania's array of unique wildlife, Bonorong places a heavy emphasis on conservation and educating visitors on the wild and fragile natures of the state's animal ecosystem. Many of the sanctuary's animals are the survivors of legions that once spanned a continent, but now this little island bobbing on the Southern Ocean is all they have left. Bonorong is not a "zoo" in the true sense - it's a place to nurse healthy animals back to full speed to re-enter the wild.


The Tasmanian Devil's population in the wild is restricted entirely to the state of Tasmania, where they can be found distributed sporadically amongst the mainland and inhabit a mixture of dry forests and coastal woodlands - they largely prefer dry as opposed to wet environments.


Distribution Map

Tasmanian Devil Map

They are versatile and relatively hardy animals that can adapt to several kinds of environments, although the numbers of Devils are in sharp decline due to the effects of an infectious cancer called the Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD). With the disease now found in over 60% of the devil’s natural habitat (and spreading), DFTD represents the single greatest threat to the Tasmanian Devil and the species is now listed as ‘Endangered’.

Tasmanian Devils are meat eaters that feed mostly on the carcasses of already dead animals rather than hunting live prey, although they will engage in this behaviour if easy pickings are scarce. Thought to be highly aggressive and ferocious, the Tassie Devil is in fact very timid and more likely to flee than pounce at the approach of a larger animal. Adult Tasmanian Devils can reach a size of between 51 to 79 centimetres in length once fully grown.


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